FE Gun Kit glitches parts/screen tear when shooting

Am currently using the FE Gun Kit
but whenever i shoot, it will glitch the parts, heres a video:

any help on why this is happening is appreciated

its not a lighting issue as i tried all lighting settings and shadow settings, its something to do with the projectile but i dont know what

We need the full scripts, I’m not familiar with FE gun kit.

i don’t think its the gun kit itself, but if i shoot into a certain direction all meshes and unions will start flickering as if its reloading assets or something. the gun kit is made of modules and stuff so I can’t send you scripts, but if you search fe gun kit in toolbox its there

heres a frame of the flickering

I also found out, when I shoot more up, the roof will flicker, when i shoot down slightly it will flicker the floor and the pillars and it only flickers if i shoot while am inside the building

bump, i cant find the reason for the flickering, but it only happens whenever a projectile hits a certain point of a part/mesh and will screen tear

fixed, i was using the legacy version and not the latest version

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