FE Gun Kit I improved

yes i know that I am missing the Damage,


Looks pretty nice actually. Besides the no damage part. Good job!

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The camera positing needs work. The feedback and feel of the gun is really good and really nice, but it feels like I am holding the gun at eye level. The gun needs to be moved down, so maybe move it down from the camera.

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I’ve seen this kit in a ton of games. Great job! Also, are you familiar with the username bluric_64bit?

She’s been publishing these models as her own

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who is bluric, and she is stealing my models?

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this is a FE Gun kit thats been around for a long time, you just took the kit and made some guns, even i used/tried this gun kit out 2 years ago, the particle effects are the same, ui is the same, feel is the same, handling is the same, its just made from a gun kit thats not yours

I know, I put the words “not mine, all i did was rig and animate them”

Possibly. She told me she made them and I found it they were under a different publisher as I well.

The FE Gun kit Up-to-date was forgotten Version that i didn’t credit to the creator as i say

Up-to-date Version is a version that a creator can’t publish it as models so i uploaded it instead

now the model is on my account “bluric_64bit” and it’s turned into viewmodel version
it doesn’t mean that I steal

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