FE Gun Kit - Is it possible to make fire sound loop?

Hello! I need a help with fe gun kit system,loopable fire sound thing ,like you start firing with gun and fire sound play and he is loop, when you stop firing, the fire sound stops and play endfire sound. This thing already in fe gun kit but in “Laser Beam” setting, but it is possible to make sound thing without “Laser Beam” setting?

Can’t you just use MinigunEnabled?


it dont make you fire sound loopable, yes he did the endfire thing, but i have fire sound with lenght 2 seconds.

Just enable loop enabled then in the local script when firing add a Sound:Stop() when it ends.

The problem of that i dont understand how fe gun kit fire sound works, im trying something but it brokes my gun

You would have to edit the actual code to do this, which is a long process on its own. You’d have to understand how the kit replicates and plays sounds.

The easiest way to do this is to enable the laser beam, but remove all of the special effects that come with it.

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LaserBeam is not ideal for this if the user prefers it to have bullets tracer visible.

FE Gun kit has it’s hidden features, this one apparently didn’t make it and still works but it requires you to do few things.

1 is to set FireSound (inside folder) volume to 0
2 Enable minigun

This tweak is easy to do than just using LaserBeam if you still prefer the bullets to come out, Use LaserBeam only when you want to make Flamethrower or Gluon-like.

First you need to open GunClient and search for firesound.loop
then it’ll direct you to where it pointed, simply remove the box brackets

Lastly we also need to get another FireSound duplicated and enable minigun features before it can be used in any game, Keep the folder and the FireSound in folder and set the volume to 0 and duplicate or copy and paste the sound, now we can turn Looped Property, put it outside folder then find your looped sound and put the ID of your sound in the game

in Settings for FE Gun kit, enable Minigun and set the delay to 0 and that’s ready to use


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Hello, i try this but i dont hear fire sound and it didn’t give any errors.
FireSound outside the folder are looped and volume = 1

FireSound inside the folder have volume 0

Maybe I didn’t understand something

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