FE Gun kit Viewmodel Physics - New structure


i haven’t seen anyone creating a new tutorial on new version that i uploaded to Roblox, so i created this post incase no one wants to make it.

This is a notice to you guys because recently there was a huge changes to the gun kit itself, i don’t see many people using the latest version so i decided to make this post :innocent:

there’s also legacy version which is now discontinued so people who wants to mod it can mess it up with this. Link to the old version


AimPoint is a part of Viewmodel attached to the viewmodel, it’s a Target part triggered by Aiming and tweens the current camera to AimPoint


AimPoint is now a group! it will use a number instead of actual name so Besure to have a Group model Named “AimPoints” otherwise it doesn’t know where the group is.

This is because AltFire feature is there, we have to name it as a number

Handle for Both Viewmodel and tool

No need to explain about this but it’s a part that every tool needs, Contains Attachment and sounds Object that you can change.


Don’t panic! Sounds are now stored in Attachment, Simply you can Expand it and boom you’re good to go.

Also attachments name are changed and Smoke trails applied, They will have a number behind for example (GunMuzzlePoint > GunMuzzlePoint1) so make sure to include the numbers behind too.

This also applies to Viewmodel’s Handle


Settings are where you can edit stats for the gun you have, it contains Options to edit stats like Animations, Damage, Crosshair etc.


Settings are now split into 2 Pieces of module, The main setting is On top but if you tried to expand. you can see 2 of them (ignore the “2”)

May seems confusing but Stats are now moved to “1” Settings now contains AltFire and CustomGrip [feature originally implemented by @Headstackk]

EDIT: FE Gun kit Viewmodel Physics is now superseded by FE Gun kit Viewmodel 2, I’m now closing the legacy version so instead of Making a new topic, I just want to say they are now stored in ReplicatedStorage > Modules > WeaponSettings > Gun so before reporting this as a bug please check this.


Particles are emitted when Gun is fired or Bullets hit something else etc. Can be replaced but needs “EmitCount” to make particles emit


Particles are moved to ReplicatedStorage for safety reasons, it is now inside a Folder named “GunVisualEffects” there is also a folder called “Common” just to reduce time on duplicating.

If you are making a separate folder effect, it’s a must to Disable CommonVisualFolder in settings but You have to make sure a Particles folder is matched to the tool’s name


Projectiles are ammunition that uses another type with special effects, They are stored in Projectiles folder.


Projectiles are now separated with Bullet folder, trying to use Bullet can be changed only by changing None to “Normal” in BulletType and Projectiles to “None”

it’s required to make Hitscan enabled on if you want to make bullets hitting instantly, This will improve Perfomance but bullets still appears to move slower. results in disabling some features (BulletSpeed does not affect Bullet beams)

EDIT: FE Gun kit Viewmodel Physics is now superseded by FE Gun kit Viewmodel 2, I’m now closing the legacy version so instead of Making a new topic, This has been changed for the new version so you’ll no longer need to change it to none.

That’s all i have to give you some new ways in creating FPS Game with this kit, Hope you enjoy using it! Let me know what features you’re confusing with


Mind providing a video of the model?

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It’s not necessarily needed since FE Gun kit Viewmodel is widely used! you can watch one of these showcase here


Hi there, it’s been 2 months since this topic was created but tutorial was instead created by me since i’ve seen most people using the old version because it’s easily modable for old version, here’s the link of it.

Quality has been reduced since OBS compressed it


Hey, i loved using your kit! however i have one issue…the fire sounds and muzzle don’t replicate to the server and only the shooter can hear them which makes it really unfair for others :slightly_frowning_face: is there anyways to solve this?

How do I use the new FE Gun Kit? The settings script disappeared, and I don’t know how to add animations now.

It’s already mentioned in this post

I have a Question, When I create an inspect animation, why does it play only once? Im trying to find the issue, but for some reason I cant play it again.

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Uhh for some reason the collisions on the viewmodel don’t work for me even though cancollide is off for everything…

If HumanoidRootPart is unanchored, make sure it’s enabled

Hey! i was wondering if you can make walk animation id?

While this is not aimed to be parkour style, FE Gun kit Viewmodel doesn’t include that in the kit, Viewmodel uses spring for swaying instead of custom animation.

How do I make it so I can Aim when im in third person?

If you already have your camera system then you need to change the CameraType in GunClient find for LockFirstPerson and Replace them all with Classic

and for detecting camera distance, find the Magnitude <= 1 it’s at line 1358 and 1373 and change the magnitude numbers to higher like 50 or 100, This allows the gun to be aimed in third person if camera is close to the distance.