Fe gunkit aiming glitch

I am using fe gun kit for my survival game and I’ve enjoyed using it so far. The only problem is that whenever equip the gun a second time, the aiming bugs.

Heres a video:

everything is welded correctly so I don’t know why it isn’t working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

i have this same problem butt cant fix it…

it happens right after i die or reset though

yea it sucks I still haven’t found a solution.

I actually got it fixed, their is a A part of the code that needs to be removed…

You didn’t give any code so I can’t do much to identify the problem. Mind sharing part, or better, all the code you’re experiencing your issue with?

Looking at the video without having any code available, i’d say that there’s a block of code that executes more times than it needs to, most likely by using Tool.Equipped (as you’re experiencing this issue after re-equipping the tool). That’s my guess. Can’t be too sure though.

So? whats the fix? I have this problem too.

there was miss type in the code