FE Hack: Kill everyone (!)

Hackers can hack on FE places by welding players to themselves on their client.
This causes everyone to physic glitch into oblivion and die.

Please patch quickly, It ruins the whole game.

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Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack…


This is a side effect of a bug fix to improve gameplay. A revised bug fix will be made in 1-2 weeks.

Let me know if you have any current, valid use cases for creating welds locally on a client in an FE game.

I do create some client sided welds.
For example, when you reload the gun, other players just see your animation, but you yourself see how you eject the magazine then a new magazine is welded to your hand and you insert it back into the gun.

This weld is not done on the server because it’s not really that important to show others.

After making this thread the hacker left and I did not experience this hack anymore throughout the day.

I’m creating and welding models locally to minimize replication overhead. Will this affect me if my models are completely client-side?

Welding things locally before a server-side request comes through is something I do. I’d very much appreciate that you didn’t remove this!

Also, disabling welds for client-side would make it physically impossible to attach things to other players locally. e.g. welding a particleemitter to an enemy, and a different one to a friend

Is there any way to just not make the welds replicate?

I don’t understand how other player can have control over your character.
Even if they weld or teleport u, shouldnt you still be the only one that the server listens to for information about your character?

I think the issue is not the local welds but that the server listens to one client concerning the properties of another client.

EDIT: How can you then weld two players together? Put a brick in workspace using the server, weld both players to the brick then set networkowner of the brick itself to whomever should be in control.
Just thought i’d share this incase anyone was wondering.

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What’s happening here is NOT the welds replicating but the position of the hacker’s character being replicated to the server. By creating the weld the character is moved to position of other characters which is what causes the flinging and glitching. The hacker could accomplish the same thing by setting the CFrame of their character’s torso to the CFrame of other characters’ torsos. It’s kind of impossible to prevent unless you make characters no longer collide with each other.

The orignal FE implementation didn’t allow welds to replicate. However, this causes some lag when equipping gear/tools/etc… As a result, a restriction was added that the weld be a descendent of the playermodel controlled by the connected player.

The proposed change would also restrict the weld Part0 and Part1 to be descendents of the playermodel.

This only affects the filtering of the new instance. Welds that are client-side only should be unaffected.


This might be one hack but it’s not what I experienced.
The hacker who attacked my server made everyone gather up at the exact same position and then everyone flied into space.