FE related issues

I recently just converted my game to FE, but is experiencing some annoying issues occasionally. I am wondering if there is any fix to this. My game is a transportation game that involve lots of moving parts.

Issue 1: The character of players that already left the sever remains in the server. The child under the character is also undeleted

Issue 2: Players who reseted are taking longer than usual to respawn. Their old character remains undeleted.

Issue 3: Usually when issue 1 and 2 happens. The server sometimes momentarily freezes. Seat welds don’t replicate

I do NOT have any code related to spawning players or any code that alters the fundamentals of the game.


All of the issues you listed might be caused by a memory leak. Maybe something’s running every second in the background which yields most of the scripts.
And as for the first issue, you can simply fix that by listening to when the player leaves the game, and checking if their character is still in workspace. If it is, just delete them.


I think all of that would behave the same even if your game was not FE. It’s probably because there’s a lot of wear on the server. Any scripts doing expensive calculations or something that would cause the server to be slow?

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No. I never encountered any of those issues when Filtering wasn’t Enabled. My game was already FE compatible before I actually enabled it. There weren’t no major code changes during the process of enabling it.

Before my game had FE, I used to have 5-8 hour old servers that would still run smooth. That is why I assumed that the issue was related to FE

Did you try turning off FE, test out the game, and see if it still behaves the same?
If it does behave the same, then the issue is with your scripts.

Yes. I have a non FE copy that runs perfect. It doesn’t seem like a memory leak, because I am not seeing any increase in server memory usage

Are there any loops running. If so, are there loops running within those loops?

I’d suggest not using too many loops, or if you’re in need of one, let it loop through simple stuff.

It would be interesting if you show us the server stats from before FE is enabled and after it is enabled. Might help.

There can be a lot of loops running and the performance would be fine. It depends on what the loops are doing.

Also how many people are playing the game in one server at a time? It just occurred to me that this could have something to do with having a lot of people playing at once. It could be your game is more popular with FE on because younger players can access it, and it’s showing how low performance some aspects are. There could be too many humanoids or something in the server.

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Before FE was on I used to host servers up to 20 players, but now I keep my preferred player count at 6. The first is with FE, the 2nd is a copy without FE. Both servers are brand new (less than 1 minute old)

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From testings, as it turned out issue 3 wasn’t related to 1 or 2. Issue 1 and 2 is caused by a misalignment between the server and the client. When the player is at different locations between server and client. I don’t know what could possibly cause this.