F.E.A.R: Vanguard | Winter Outpost Blanc

I’m looking for some feedback on a game that I and a bunch of other people released. We most likely won’t be making immediate changes, but feedback for future projects would be greatly appreciated.

Game link:

Programmed by: @Conmmander (me!)
Built by: @TigerAlmeida and @SometimesCreate
UI by: @xaviersvt and @Conmmander (me!)
GFX by: @KingCapitalism

Questions I’d like answered (ideally)

  1. What could be improved assuming we decided to rework aspects of it.
  2. What types of things are done really well
  3. Any weak points that are very easily seen?



To answer your questions:

  1. This may seem small, but there is a lot of neon blue coming around everywhere. It would be nicer if there were still neon materials around, but different shades of blue.
  2. I absolutely love the way everything around the UI is blurred. I hope you can message me with the source code, and how to use it. The map is absolutely stunning, and the snowy theme is really pleasing.
  3. Some players may not find the bridges, and may spend the time swimming. It would be really good if you were to make one long bridge, that everyone would see.
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Interesting, are this Power Clans and Raid Clans still alive?

Ah nostalgia from the gold eras of 2013.

It seems really nice, as long as the gameplay is fair for both, raiders and group members.

That’s correct. It’s meant as a fairbase so even numbers and relatively same path length to the terminal. Thanks for taking interest!

They will not be able to swim as water kills in this game. I also will not send source code but for blurring I used tweenservice and the roblox blur affect. It’s a trick I learned while it was in beta.

I will keep the shades of blue in mind! Thank you!