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This page shows all of the face poses however, the frame that each pose is supposed to be on isnt labelled here, so instead I have to count the frame from the start to check I’m creating the pose on the correct frame. Can these please be numbered based on which frame they are for?


Hey @Soulskor,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve confirmed with the team that face poses don’t need to be in a specific order or on specific frame numbers.

After saving the face poses to the animation timeline, you map the frame # and the pose name in the custom properties (extra attributes in Maya) of the Head geometry. An overview of that process is documented here.

I’ll see that this information is made more explicit on the FACS Reference sheet you were referencing as well.


@naahchos Thanks for the clarity however, I did run into an issue where all the face poses are jumbled up for example, when I try to close the eye the mouth opens. I’ve checked my custom properties and can confirm that I’ve correctly assigned right eye to frame x for example. Is this something the team might have encounted at any point?

Sorry about the delayed response - I didn’t see the follow up until now.

AFAIK this isn’t something that has come up yet. If you’re still seeing this issue, can you provide me the .fbx of the character you are using? I’ll pass it along to the team and see if they can diagnose the issue.

Thanks for getting back however I think I found the issue, turns out I scaled the bones in both edit mode and pose mode and I think that may have broken the rig, not 100% sure if that was the exact issue but it is no longer occuring however if I do encounter it unexpectedly i’ll send you the file. I can’t the previous file cause i sorta deleted it out frustration when I fixed head lol

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