Featured post doesn't permit you to link a topic in a locked category even if it is your post

I wanted to use the feature (Featured Post) on my profile, but the post that I want to link to was made in #discussion and I am still a Member, so I need to go through post approval to post in that category. I made the topic, and it is my top topic as I have around 60 likes on it, and so I wanted to link it as my featured topic. Here is some proof.

Video for Featured Post on profile

Image for proof that I made the post


I hope this issue can be fixed. If it is a discourse thing, then I can be fine with it.


You can’t feature a post in a private category. As #discussion is private, this is likely why you are unable to feature that post.

The search bar doesn’t let you search for posts in private categories, however as you used a direct link, the client got confused, however the server responded that you can’t do that (aka ‘You are not permitted to view the requested resource’)

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Yeah I did try searching the title and it wouldn’t show up. I would really like to be able to link it but if it is something that Discourse was made with, then I can be fine with it.

I believe you can’t set private topics as featured because featured topics are public on your profile for anyone to see, so it defeats the point (and likely adds additional challenges) if they can be private.

Ah, like if a non-forum member clicks my profile and they can’t see discussion (I think?) because they are a non-forum member, it would defeat the purpose of blocking discussion for non-forum members?

Pretty much. Your featured topic needs to be publicly-visible, so this topic here also couldn’t be used. Needs to have no padlock on the category.

Thanks. I will use this at another time when I have a topic in a unblocked category.

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