Featuring child NPCs in a game where cops and robbers are involved? (Game is focused on roleplay not PVP.)

So me and the team are making a game about life in general that takes place in Ontario, but a couple things interfere with eachother and I came here to ask for some guidance on this.

The game is mainly a lot of things mashed together such as roleplaying, catching criminals as a cop, doing civilian jobs such as cashiers and bus drivers, etc. But this is where the hard part comes, cops and robbers are in the same place as child NPC’s are for the school bus job.

While the children waiting for their bus does not have anything to do with a criminal having a gunfight with the men of law, there is 100% going to be some dude jokingly attempting to shoot the child NPC’s and I really don’t want to risk the whole thing because the game lets them do this, so I need a way to prevent it.

My initial plan was to make their screen fade into black with a disgusted comment, kicking them afterwards out of the server, like Cod Modern Warfare does when you shoot the baby in the crib, but I feel like this is not enough for Roblox, any recommendations/suggestions to solve this fundamental issue?

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I’d recommend not having the children NPCs in a game like this. This is why there are no children in GTA games, because people could and would do horrible things.

I will tell the dev team I work with that we should scrap the school bus job as it is the safest measure at the moment. Was hoping there would be an alternative to feature cops&robbers and child NPCs in one place if safety barriers were put between them but I guess not.

Drop the word “school” and replace children with adults.

In other words, make it a normal bus rather than a school bus, so the people are adults rather than children.