Federal Bureau of Investigation | Lawbook

This is the Lawbook for the Federal Bureau of Investigation Roblox Group owned by MashhRBLX. This book will be going over the rules of the group, rank structure, the different branches you are able to join and a FAQ. If you have any questions or concerns, you may ask another Agent and they’ll be sure to help you. Click on a title to view it.

Last updated on 24th October 2020 / 2020-10-23T23:00:00Z



1. Admin Abuse is strictly prohibited. Caught doing so will result in fatal punishments.
2. Racism is not prohibited and may result in a permanent ban if caught being racist.
3. Exploiting in-game or on the discord is not allowed and will result in a ban.
4. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) is not permitted.
5. Blackmailing / Treason will result in a permanent ban.
6. Do not talk about touchy subjects.
7. No advertising within the game or the discord server.
8. Do not ask for promotions.
9. You will respect all agents and address them by their gender / rank (example: Sir/Ma’am or Special Agent).
10. Trolling is not allowed in the FBI.

Rank Structure

Rank Structure


  • American Citizen
  • Patron


  • |AT| Agent Trainee
  • |AN| Analyst
  • |FA| Field Agent
  • |NSA| New Special Agent
  • |SA| Special Agent
  • |SSA| Senior Special Agent
  • |SUSA| Supervisory Special Agent
  • |ASAC| Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge
  • |SAC| Special Agent In-Charge


  • |DAD| Deputy Assistant Director
  • |AD| Assistant Director
  • |AED| Assistant Executive Director
  • |ED| Executive Director
  • |BD| Branch Director
  • |CHM| Chairman of Intelligence
  • fbi-bot
  • |CA| Central Administration
  • |DCS| Deputy Chief of Staff
  • |CS| Chief of Staff
  • Development Team
  • Head of Development
  • |DD| Deputy Director
  • |DIR| Director
  • |FO| Federal Overseer



Once an agent reaches a certain rank, they are able to join a branch. A branch is a division in the FBI. Each branch has a different job which all members must fulfil if joining one. You are not required to join a branch in the FBI but it would mean that you have the chance to get a Management Rank since agents without a branch cannot obtain a Management Rank. Each Branch has a different required rank, some higher and some lower. Below will list all the branches, their duties, rank requirement and how to join.


  • Intelligence Branch / IB
  • Human Resources Branch / HRB
  • National Security Branch / NSB

Rank Requirements

  • IB = Special Agent+
  • HRB = Field Agent+
  • NSB = Field Agent+


  • IB = [REDACTED].
  • HRB = Training services.
  • NSB = Security division.

How to join

  • IB = Application (can be found in communications server), then short and easy phases if you passed the application.
  • HRB = Interviews in Quantico.
  • NSB = Selections at Futuretops (combat game).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become an Agent?
A: Join the group, then join the communications server and you’ll be able to request your |AT| rank there. It seems like a long process but is very short.

Q: How do I rank up?
A: Agent Trainees - Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge may attend trainings hosted by the Human Resources Branch or by Deputy Assistant Director and above. If you manage to successfully pass the training, you will get promoted shortly. The maximum rank you can get from trainings is Special Agent In-Charge.

Q: How do I join a branch?
A: If you look in the Branches section, you will find a section on how to join each branch.

Q: How do I become a FBI Management Rank (Deputy Assistant Director+)?
A: You must join a branch and rank up there. Once you reach a certain rank, you’ll also be promoted to an FBI Management Rank regardless your current rank.

Q: I have a question but it is not on here, what do I do?
A: Join our communications server and there will be a support channel. You can make a ticket and a Support Team member will assist you.