Feeback for my sword fighting game

Hello, I need some feedback for my game.

I should say that it is heavily unfinished, and I have only gotten the core mechanics to work but I think it would be good to get feedback now so I can improve and change things that need fixing.

Some mechanics of the game might need 2 or more people.
Might take a second for the sword to spawn in your inventory.

Game Link: Sword Slash Final - Roblox

pretty scared that the game will just break when someone new joins so if something seems wrong type /console in chat so I can know how badly I messed up.


The sword doesn’t seem to work for me.


thanks for telling me lemme try and fix that


Ok i think ive fixed it i tested it on a new alt and it worked fine

Feedback :
As shown in the game,

  • Graphics : N/A
    Comments :

  • Map : N/A
    Comments :

  • Interface : N/A Presumed not of importance.
    Comments :
    I presume that this isn’t final, so I won’t comment on it.

  • Gameplay : 3.3/5 Ok, has potential.
    Comments :
    It looks decent, though has plenty of issues and flaws.

  • Overall Rating : 3.1/5 It could seem interesting, but far from complete.
    Comments :
    I am sure that you already know of the bugs, but the bugs should be the least of your concern,
    your sword fighting game has potential to be much larger than simply a ‘battleground’, possibly an ‘RPG’.

Instead, I would recommend you begin working on something much more complex, this includes the new additions of more quick actions, sword abilities.

At the current state, I would advise you to not tease or showcase your game any further, until a much larger part of it is complete as I do not view this as a proper ‘game’.

thank you for the feedback ill defiantly use this.