Feeback On 2 Roblox GFX's

So I just finished making these in Blender. They’re my first GFX in Blender 2.8. I used to use 2.79 and I recently upgraded. Tell me what you think of these and how I could improve. Thanks!


This is really good. I can’t find any errors at all which is pretty good, and the effects are :fire:

The only thing I’d pick up on is the position of the arm to the right in the first photo.
I think its too far to the left and the angle of it seems off.

Apart from that, this is really good. Well done. :+1:



The first one is pretty good but there is a whole lot of green and the quality of the supreme pack takes away from the good of it. The hats colliding are usually not favorable in GFX’s. The second one is bland in background and the floor needs some serious correction. This would look cooler if there was something in the background holding the character back or if he was coming from underground. Color correction is needed too. Otherwise, it’s good.

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That looks very cool, and it will attract many people. Both GFX looks like it has interesting background story, 10/10 :]

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The background on the 2nd one doesn’t fit if you look at the feet but other than that it’s pretty nice.

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Nothing to really give feedback on but maybe try Improving on the posing more, Other than that it looks amazing!

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This is great! I think there is nothing to improve it’s great.

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