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I made this quick dock (It actually took multiple hours) and I like it, but I want to know what you all think on how I can improve it. I tried adding small little details in the sand, but I’m unfortunately not a good modeller.


I think u need to make some non uniform details on the wooden surface, like give individual woods a scratch, different sizes, some notch and random bevels on those edges but overall its pretty good : D

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Thanks! As I’m getting more experienced with modelling I’ll keep this in mine for similar builds. This dock took me hours surprisingly :sweat_smile:

It’s alright, I think you should make the wood planks a bit thicker, and have the spaces between them smaller. It looks good though!

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No worries, keep up and grind more! :muscle:

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Thanks! For performance reasons, none of the planks are solid, there is an invisible rectangle that makes you think they’re solid

The side boards underneath would flex with the narrow edge placed that way. You should rotate them 90 degrees so the narrow edges are at the top and bottom. Also place them on the inside of the posts because structurally they’d support more load (more to the center of the planks, and they’d be able to be attached to the posts by the flat edge of the board.
Wooden posts for docks are cut from a log, so the tops are almost always flat.
It looks like you have the wood grain facing the correct direction on the planks and beams. Remember that wooden boards almost always have the grain lines running the long direction of the board.

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I would make the wooden plankes a little bigger, and mattering if you change the player size make the spaces in between each plank smaller or bigger

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I suggest you to search up some photos of docks before building. I don’t think that’s exactly what a dock looks like. It looks a bit off, but that might just be me. Good job though.

Thanks, I know what a dock is supposed to look like, but the type of game I’m making is why it’s like this xD