Feed back for GFX

Testing out my GPU’s capitally without overclocking it. Feel free to hit me with anything.


I think this is really good! That lighting is spot-on. The only thing is maybe make the text in the 2nd picture bigger? It’s a little hard to read in the top left corner like that. Other than that, it looks great. :+1:

These are an excellent creation of an GFX. Good job on the background, poses, atmosphere and lighting. Keep improving!

I feel like the flower is out of place in the second gfx, but both gfx are really well made.

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Looks amazing! I love how realistic everything is! The lighting is amazing too. My only critique is how all characters look identical. But, other than that this GFX is amazing! Keep up the great work! :sparkles:

The GFX looks very clean. Would love to have your contact information for future commissions!

Love the first thumbnail! It looks really clean, very well made.

The second thumbnail is also clean, but i’d suggest try and match the saturation of the scene with the characters and the roses, as the environment in the 2nd one is a grey-ish cloudy environment.

Also try to add some particles on the second thumbnail, near the ground to make it look more lively!

Overall, it’s very nice!

This GFX looks very, very good. It has been designed in great detail and the lighting also fits very well. Good Job!

I love how incredibly realistic they look! It’s incredible!
However, the characters seem a bit too bright in the 2nd GFX, so I would suggest, (if you have Photoshop,) to use a hue/saturation layer and use the mask layer to paint on a lower saturation level over the characters so it fits with the background, otherwise, these are both amazing pieces of work! Amazing job!