Feed back GUI not working

Hi guys, I just used a feed back GUI and set it for my game. Once after setting up the feed back form, while I was testing it, it was working fine, but later, I just tried to test it in one of my device. Suddenly it didn’t work well, it just shown me “sending the message”. Can anyone prefer me some feedback gui or script ?


Does the feedback send it through Discord? If so, Discord banned Roblox from sending webhooks from game servers, so you can’t send feedback on Roblox to Discord (only works in Roblox Studio). You can try following this tutorial if you want to send feedback to Discord: WebhookProxy | Discord webhooks go brrrrrrr

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Yes, the feedback will be sent through discord

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But while I was testing it in roblox studio, it was working fine. But when I tried after saving it in roblox studio. It didn’t work

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Is there any other way to make a feed back form in my game ?

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Well, you could use some kinda ordered datastore, then have a studio-only board to read the feedback.


The only way to send feedback to Discord is through a proxy. But you can send feedback through other apps like Guilded (it’s kinda like Discord, but it is owned by Roblox).


I tried, but it’s not working @eatablerock89

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Can you show me the script? Or maybe print.

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Yeah, can I see the script that sends a message to discord?

Let me share you now
I just used this gui, here is the link of it: Feedback system - Roblox
This is the feedback GUI which I used for my game.

I just edited the code inside this gui

But sorry guys, I can’t send you the edited code

You can actually send the edited code here.

Right now I don’t have the code, so I can’t

Hi, Could you pls tell me how to use this proxy

Can I trust this Proxy @VeriBaesix ?