[ Feed Back ] My Showcase game need feedback from you

Hello… i’m OBCBee :honeybee:
I’m a Terrain? Builder for 1 month :sweat_smile:
and i made a Showcase game
Here’s the link : https://www.roblox.com/games/4888436223/The-Hive-Showcase-Game
Can you help me by the way :


May you provide pictures, please?

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Nice showcase, I love the details that you added to it but, what I could suggest is that maybe you might want to add other mini islands of sorts around the two main ones to bring out more depth and remove all the extra blank spots around the map


oh sure!
Please wait for a mins

Thx For your feed back, oh yes i will add more mini island like the name as next Update
Thx you for your reply again

This is a very nice showcase you have made! The terrain you made looks outstanding, and the view looks amazing on the islands. The realism of it makes it unique and impressive the nature and detail is spot on. However, I do got a few suggestions.

Adding bushes or plants the more lively parts of your showcase. Of course you wouldn’t want just trees placed on both of the land parts, however things such as shrubs or other variety of trees could add a lot in terms of variety to your build. The open view where there’s nothing in the water is my personal favorite, however like said above mini islands in the water could improve your showcase so it won’t just be the big islands and that’s all I’ll try adding more so you could have the full detail your trying to go for.

I would suggest or recommend adding flowers, bushes, rocks, plants, that could go on the mountains. It would be very amazing to see what it would possibly look like a bridge leading to the other islands could add more detail to it. Maybe you should add quiet music, that’s kinda peaceful and relaxing just a simple suggestion.

Anyways hope you keep improving your showcase that you have made. As well asking for rate my builds is against the forum rules.


Looks good, decent lighting and details. However, I would suggest you to place the trees so they aren’t bend, as it looks kinda weird and can really hurt the view if you are going to make more islands etc.


Your showcase is very nice. I love the details of the builds and the lighting however I suggest adding more things such as bushes, flowers, and small islands.

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no please no or just do it and you will get Ban

I think it looks great! On the last image you showed I think it could use a little more texture but other then that I think this looks amazing! Good work!


This showcase looks amazing! However, I do have a few suggestions:

I do believe I’ve seen those trees before. Have ago at decals/meshes and try making your own! It might be just the picture, but the tree on the right of the screenshot looks sort of blurred and out of proportion. I also suggest making your water a bit more of a natural shape and extending your map so you don’t get a choppy cut-off from water to sky. You should also look into messing around with the properties of Lighting and the different effects you’re able to add. Lighting and its effects makes your game look a thousand times better when pulled off properly.

I also suggest looking into ParticleEmitters to enhance your water effect, or perhaps add mist/fog to your game.

Nevertheless, it looks amazing and I can’t wait to see more of it!


adding some fog around the ends of the map so it doesnt look like it abruptly ends at the edges

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