Feed back on a heaven build

you are now viewing a build that is made by a scripter

it is .98 made by me
can i get feed back
i was inspired by pet simulator x
an other look

a dummy


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The door is simple. You should add more clouds, textures and maybe you should make it less “blocky” but more “low poly”. And also you should try to add more decorations (angels statues, more shinky gold…)!

Hope this helps

The first picture where you can see the whole thing it doesnt look neither good or bad. Although, you should make a few changes.

  1. Make it less blocky, maybe add more clouds and make the area alot smaller hinting that if its heaven its in the air. ( + some more decorations like gold, making it shiny, etc.)
  1. I Suggest for you to make the whole door and its surroundings smaller. As i have already stated it looks too big etc. Maybe make a more detailed door, try using blender! Also you should make the gate or the door how you choose rounder. This feels kinda odd to me.
  1. And this isn’t needed but,
    i suggest that you wont have a door BUT right the gate, because now it looks like the gate is opening and there is just a door. I Suggest the gates are closed and then just open whenever the player is ready to buy the area as i suggest by the price in coins.

Overall, its not that bad, but it could be better!

  • tombbstonel ( or simply, tomb. )


If I was you, I wouldn’t put actual walls to block off the sky…
I would just make an island purely in the sky, making sure that the skybox is visible.

You should create different ball shapes, to form an island, and making sure it’s NOT just a theory of copying and pasting and that there is variety of shapes.

Around the island in the sky, I would add clouds that surround the island to add more detail.

Heaven’s Gate

Assuming your building in low poly, I would most defiantly improve the door, possibly an arched frame, with a neon door, and you should remove the texture of the white brick wall, because it doesn’t look good at all. I would find another texture, of a low poly style, or I would make it light greyish, with a Smooth Plastic Material.

Also, I would design a lock icon in parts instead, than a decal - because the decal ruins the look and feel because it’s a bit basic, and you’ve taken the easy way out.


You should re-make your chests, so there is more detail, for example by giving it another little frame around it, which would be like a stroke which is darker in colour of the chest.

The little stand under the chest, should be improved, for example by making the part below it bigger




You should most likely remove that, or design it better - because it ruins the look of the build. By adding little bit more detail, or changing the colour of the car for variation

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@Official_DevFrancais , @tombbstonel , @Adaks
you mean like

i dont know how to do this

Try to make clouds that look like this:

After, scale it different sizes for varietes.

You can make a arch using Archimedes plugin.

Here’s an idea on how to make it look better, this file is only to be viewed at and not used in your game!

heavenidea.rbxl (74.4 KB)

Add curves + change textures, you can either use textures from tool box or try your best with roblox’s, and try to get a better ref from a tv show out of google, would be much better instead of just feestyling it.
Good luck

One word: research!!

It’s VERY hard to remake something in real life, no matter how good of a memory you have. There are details you would have never noticed, and it’s great practice to research anything you want to take inspiration from!

Also make the floor more bubbly, add non-cancollided spheres.

Download a plug-in called something like stamp tool and copy and pasting parts will be 100x easier.

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Simple, Can’t make you excite since It’s simple. Specially on the Door and Car.

It’s a heaven build for some simulator, therefore I don’t think build in realistic is the best idea, it is better to build in low poly, to keep things simple and not packed with parts for mobile players with worse devices.

i was not planning for using it in a game right now

what do u mean, i do not understand???