Feed back on an old obby game I made

This is an old obby game I made several months back. For whatever it’s worth, it’s probably not going to be updated ever again cause of the flawed concept (obby games are oversaturated).

I didn’t learn anything from it though, so I wanted to change that. Give me any feedback you can for the next time I make a game, or even just how the game is in it’s current state

(please i spent too long on this)


{Just finished badlands}
I loove the style ! It reminds me of Lando64000’s old games with its kind of nostalgic, simple builds and details. The atmosphere is great although the blur is a little annoying, albeit realistic.

Where you could improve is by adding more environmental damage - like the train track could’ve had the metal drooping down that’s somewhat melting from the heat, and the brick wall in the lava could have cracks and broken chunks to show age. Maybe you could also experiment with textures a little bit more, almost all of it being concrete is kinda boring.

Gameplay wise it’s simple, nothing special, as obbies usually are. Thinking it was longer I was hoping there would be a checkpoint, but its fair. I feel you could improve on taking a more forgiving route with some parts, like the fire beam’s hitbox and the walls past the door having no collision, but the walls before it being helpful for the jumps, and the gap after the fire beams being so dark was frustrating to trial-and-error.
Good luck with any future projects !

Also your thumbnails have the roblox menu in the corner and your title is pretty boring for what the game is.

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Thanks for caring, I’ll keep these in mind the next time I make a game!

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