Feed Back On an Untextured UGC Item

I was working on making UGC Items. This is my first Item I’ve Made. This Item isn’t Textured. Here is the item.


No. Please. Its very undetailed and NEEDS SERIOUS IMPROVEMENTS. Even if it would be textured.


it’s his first so he’s not gonna be a god tier 3d modeler. yk

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I’d say that there is room for improvements, but the model itself is solid! My issue would be the lack of details and the fact that it reaches the floor. Luckily, the texture will fix the lack of details. As for it reaching the floor, I’m not sure how to fix this. Remember, it will be welded to the player and shift with them, so it might clip a bit. Other than that, I wish you luck!

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Thanks, you too, blessings good bro :heart_eyes: :+1:

Knowing that this model is your first, I’d definitely say it’s good in that context.
Although, I don’t believe it fits the quality criteria for a generic UGC item.
We’ve all seen the somewhat low-detail UGC items that come out from time to time, endlessly spamming the catalog or “marketplace.”

Please, just take a look at this!
Screenshot 2023-05-30 171349

Regarding the texture, you said you haven’t textured it yet. Depending on what your skill level is for texturing, it could turn out UGC-level or just beginner-level. I’ve seen tons of pretty good-looking UGC items that were not that detailed, but had great textures.

It’s definitely not bad for a first try, keep working on it.

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Ohhhh… Okay I didn’t knew that sorry my bad.

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