Feed back on dark planet vfx

what do you think of this planet I don’t plan on using it for games but i think it would make nice cover art for music so if you know someone who need some thing like this or wants something like this I’m willing to get payed for it and I will negotiate prices with Sayed buyer as well

plz gib fead baq(edit i added a tm)


This looks AMAZING. One thing you should do is watermark the center of the image so no one can get the actual image without your permission.


yha ik but I just hope people aren’t assholes and and if they do use it without my perm it and I have proof so if they used it without it I can expose them

I would still watermark it right away. That’s a good image, and people could use it for thumbnails on groups. I would use it on my group, but I’m not mean so I’m not taking it.

Maybe even take down the image until you get the watermark.