[Feed Back] On GFX Artwork

I just started doing GFX but I am having problems with doing the lighting for the GFX in Blender. I cannot find any good tutorials online from Youtube for lighting and Blender gets really complicated if I tried to figure it out myself. I am also having problems with making it look … simple but nice I guess, because right now it is too messy. Here are some of my work.

This is one is for my discord profile photo.

Thank you for all of your feedback! :blush:


I definitely like your style and if you could just figure out the lighting then you would have absolutely nailed it. Lighting is definitely important because it helps create the illusion of depth and without it, things look like they are sitting on top of a background rather than being in the same dimensional space as the background. I would definitely say to stop where you are right now and spend some time learning it, because everything will look a million times better and once you learn it. Otherwise you are doing absolutely great and I love your color schemes.
P.S In some spots the text seems a bit hard to read due to similar colors in the background. Try using outlines or something along those lines to help separate the text.

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I guess I look at this from a marketing / UI perspective, but it’s very hard to read the text in all of your artwork. The color schemes and aesthetic are lovely, but your font choices and text colors make it hard to tell what things are saying. Other than that issue, I think your work is very nice! :slight_smile::octopus:

Thank you for your feedback! I agree with you about the lighting problems but I cannot find a good enough tutorial online about lighting, is there one that you would recommend? I am currently using Blender. I guess the text is not mandatory but I’ll try different colours and fonts to bring it out next time. Thank you :pray:

Thank you for your feedback! I will try to change up the words a bit, I am currently using Pixlr, which is a free tool, is there one that oyu would recommand me to help improve the quality of display? Thank you. :pray::handshake:

I don’t really do much GFX work but Adobe products seem pretty nice. Illustrator and such. I also have used GIMP for basic text and icon design. :slight_smile:

My parents doesn’t allow me to put big investments in these things, so I can’t buy Adobe products.:pensive: But I just did some research on GIMP and I think it will help me alot. :+1:Thx!

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Totally understandable! I recommend, if you can, and if you are a student, to try and get free student subscriptions to software and GFX tools :slight_smile: Many companies offer discounts or free licenses to their products.

I use Affinity suite which is better and affordable than Adobe products, also the interface is pretty nice, you can find pirated free versions on youtube (im not responsible if you get virus), if you need a free software use Gravit Designer instead which is very good too!

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Thank you! I’ll look into that🤝

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll look into that!