Feed back on my Building Complex

Hey people of the dev forum! I just wanted to come and ask for honest feedback on my building complex I made. Game link: Max Center - Roblox

I want honest feedback so I can improve the game and add more. If possible, it would be nice if you can put down some ideas for the plaza

EDIT: I have updated the plaza to look a bit better but I still need some help on what I should put around.

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I like the idea, and I also like the design on floor 21 of the 2nd tower.
The issue I have is that most of the towers are square. Sure, this would be common in a city but to make a game or build stand out it needs to be unique.

Look at this photo I quickly found on Google. Sure, they’re all pretty square, but they each have something unique about them. They either spiral, or have something different. Try bring that to your builds.

The plaza at the moment looks dull. Keep the fountain, but add foliage.

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Thanks for the feedback!

The design on floor 21 of the 2nd Tower was made by someone who occupies the floor (I let people choose a floor and they can put anything on there) and I believe he said it was based on Star wars.

About the towers being square, I agree that I could have done better. I was definity not pushing my self enough to make unique shaped buildings. The most unique buildings are Tower 3 and 4. For tower 3 there was a lot of negates and unions used to make the cylinder shape. In tower 4, I don’t even know what shape it is but it was a tricky task making everything align.

About the plaza, I plan to update it with stuff you would see in a public place like benches and plants, kinda like the WTC plaza.

Thanks again for the feedback,

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Looks great! I would just say the way we can see straight through it is a tad un-natural.

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Straight through the towers?

character limit