Feed Back on my Building

Hey guys! I just built this Pet Store for my new game Business Simulator. If you could leave a rating 1-10 and any suggestions that would help a lot! :smiley:


I just have one question, did you make the bone in Blender or on Roblox Studio?


And also, maybe the lights as seen outside are quite bright maybe you could adjust the luminosity?


Its good but a lot of improvements can be made.
1st the bone, i think its made out of unions. you should try making one in blender it will look a lot better.
2nd door and the windows can be improved, try searching about how to make some lowpoly cartoony doors in studio or blender.


Yes, I thing the bone is indeed made out of unions, maybe you could just search for a mesh in the Toolbox or you could import one as an FBX or an OBJ.

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I’d recommend making something larger before coming to the DevForum asking for criticism. If this is going to become a habit of posters to ask for feedback on every single building then it may become too spammy.

Regarding the build, it’s literally a simple octagonal brick with windows. Not much to offer feedback on here other than to make it more detailed.

Since you asked, I rate it a 1/10 – there’s no detail and you’re asking about this single building exclusively, rather than an actual place.


I think you can add much more to make it look better, if your’re going for a low-poly shop then try doing different shapes and try making meshes in Blender or Cinema4D, plus the bone on top doesn’t look very good, you can try modelling one and it will look better :slight_smile:

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I made the Bone in blender. :smiley: It would be possible but hard to make the bone in roblox Studio.

I tried making it in blender and it was hard and my 4th time modelling :slight_smile: I’m still learning modelling and lets hope I can improve on my builds :smiley:

Maybe make the door little darker?
But all great and I like it.
Keep up the good work!

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Thanks man! I’ll make the door a little bit darker and see if it looks better, thanks man for the suggestion once again!

Ohh alright I see, if you find Blender’s UI hard then you can switch to C4D, the UI is pretty much user friendly.

I see you are really improving your low poly! Creations for your “Business Simulator” i gotta say this looks really good, i like how your still improving it some. More as well i can see you, really took some advice so it could show that’s a “Pet Store” however. Your pet store would look very amazing, with some white, texture implemented to the (Bone) just to give it some details to it, overall this. Looks great it just needs some improvements to it, and i see you are really putting! In some time to make your project look. A lot more decent and very detailed as well to make! Your builds look more natural i would add, some “Thin Bricks” onto the building as that’s most needed to low poly builds. And i know your really doing a great job, on your other creations you have! However what i would recommend you add, is some bricks to the store even in the corners! As that’s most needed when looking at (Low Poly Builds) you’ll mostly. See those implemented on different build such as store, shops, restaurants, ect. Onto the building overall you! Have done a nicely job on your other creation, and it looks very impressive!!

Low Poly Pet Store
Know i like how you included, the (Dog Bone) implemented to the building as that will show what the store is. However i see you didn’t add any kind of texture, color, onto the bone that’s added to your build i would! Recommend you add some white color to. The bone part so it could look like a dog bone as, in the real life ones you’ll mostly, see that the bones are white and. Not a grey color so i would suggest you add! That color to the bone so it could look, more detailed and as for the doors, windows, i would try giving it a different kind. Of color to the frame parts you could always! Implement some black, white, brown, blue, green, ect. I would go with some of those colors to your, store so it could look more detailed, and improved or you could always play around. With different colors that’s fits the best to, your store and the door! That’s added to your store i would try, sizing the (Door Knobs) as they seem a. Little to thin i would recommend you implement! A “Door Handle Lever” as you could mostly see these, kind of designs on some pet stores, and other buildings or what you could do is size, the door knobs out more so. It could look more better as well i would, make the middle frame more wider, so the door knobs could connect to the! Door frame that you added to the door and. I would try giving some texture, to the door instead of having a white part piece! I would try adding some wood, metal, steel, wood grain, ect. As you would see those always on a, couple of buildings, stores, shops, and others however if your trying. To do that design i would try adding some square frames and, then implement the door knobs in the! Middle part overall it looks really nice i, would try also adding some thin bricks, to give it that low poly look try! Doing something like that!!

So as i said above you could always, add some texture to the bone you implemented to your build! I would just change the color from grey to, white so it could look more like a dog bone. And it’s really great to add other different! Details to your “Pet Store” such as signs, know for these kind of shops most of them, always have a store hanging sign. In the right corner of the build i would recommend you: add that to the store just to give it some, details to it and then you could add a paw logo! Onto the hanging sign just to show, the store what it is or you could, mostly add a sign in the middle of! The build above the door piece try doing, something like that so it could look more detailed. And then if you plan on adding other details! To your store i would always add some wall lights, sidewalk lights, street lights, ect. To the build just to fill the build some more with other, decorations however only if you plan on. Adding that i would go far it and as you see below, most (Pet Stores) always have a paw sign and! Different colors, materials, added to the build so i would try, implementing some of those! Details to your creation.


I think you are doing a decent job on your pet, store so far it will look more better. With other colors, details, signs, added to the building! Itself but it would look more better if you try adding different shapes to the store it will, give it some more details. To your build just to look more like a pet store, as i said above you could add some thin bricks, hanging signs, colors, ect. and then if you plan on adding details, in the “Pet Store". It will give your low poly design some details to it! I would also add a few other details to, your creation to make it stand out more. Here is couple of decorations, you could add to your low poly store! if you need ideas to make it look more, decent overall you, have done a amazing job on your “Pet Store” so far hope to see the improvements, and if you want to implement these kind! Of ideas to your build. These are just some decorations that can, help you with adding other details! And the rest of the pet store!!

Pet Store Decorations

  • Hanging Signs, Letter Signs, Posters, Chairs, Benches,
  • Wall Lights, Animal Signs, Paw Logo, Awnings & Bricks
  • Street Lights, Open Sign, Bone Stickers, Bushes, Potted Plants,
  • Door Handle Lever, Trash Cans, Cats & Dogs Posters & Plants
  • Black Window Frames, White Sidewalk Signs, Square Wall Signs,

Anyways, you have done a decent job on your “Pet Store” and it, looks quite good so far. Can’t wait to see more of work very soon, as well the final build only if you plan on adding! Other decor to it very soon and the shape, design, you implement! To your “Low Poly Store” looks really decent i would just! Add other shapes. And thin bricks in the corner and then !The final building decorations to your store. Such as signs, posters, lights, bricks, logos, ect. So it could look a lot more! Better once you finish it up, however keep it, up those are just the exterior decorations, and the building details that can really help. You with adding other details to the building! Aside all of that it looks very. Decent so far keep it up! And you’ll be making more nice creations! Anytime soon i would just fix the bone that you implemented to your store as well.


I would add maybe some text on the sign that says pet store like some 3D text but that’s just me. I would link the plugin for the 3D text, but im on phone right now.

Looks good! You might also should add a text board above the door. Like “DOG SHOP” or something

But for all its a nice creation!:metal::+1:


It’s a really simple building, you could probably make the window frames and the door handle look better. It’s better if you showcase more builds than one from this game. Since these posts are repetitive and don’t really need much criticism.

I would rate it a 3-10. The build is very bland with very little detail. I recommend adding some more detail to the front of the store. Maybe more windows ,posters plants etc.

this is a good building, but i think the if the bone was a different color it would stand out a little bit, but that could just be me.

I suggest thickening the door handles and separation between the two doors

I also suggest making the top white portion of the building stick out from the main blue part of the building more. This would make the build look a lot cleaner and make it look more intentional instead of it looking like it is slightly misaligned
I like how the windows make it look like the lights are on inside the building. Good work so far :slight_smile:

Low-Poly right? You could improve a lot of things, but for now It looks ok!