Feed back on my first game?

I have started learning to script a couple weeks ago and decided a good way to get better at scripting would be to make my own game from scratch. I decided to make a very simple sword fighting tycoon. I didn’t use a tycoon kit or anything I even made my own swords.

Here is the link to my game, the game is done and ready to be released I have some ideas for some future updates, but before I start running ads do you guys have any ideas on what I can change or improve (I will have the game thumbnail soon as of right now all I have is the icon)


Not bad!
This good for a first game however the thing is that tycoons died out a long time ago their like a lost breed.

Not really, take resort tycoon for example. That’s a front page game.

It is impressive that you made it entirely from scratch without using other’s assets. Looking at it, it is good, though simplistic in design.

There are some improvements I think are needed out of the game itself, such as the game’s description should be added to, it doesn’t sell the game particularly, just gives the basic description. I also think you should put some money in to getting proper Gamepass icons as the current ones you have don’t match up in style, looking copied from other games.

In-game I have some suggestions:

  • The spawn point is very plain, I would suggest improving that by adding colour, multiple spawn points in the middle and maybe some other add-ons.
  • The map in general is bland, maybe add some different trees, rocks and bushes - and space them out more evenly around the map, some parts are devoid of anything.
  • The tycoons lack substance, there is very little to do from the get-go.
  • There are no weapons to fight with.
  • I would suggest changing team names to be more fun and interesting rather than just the colours themselves.
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yeah but they aren’t very popular among all ages like they mostly cater to kids who have lots of time and don’t like a challenge.

@MRBOGO_YT Although it’s a tycoon, it’s somewhat unique in some ways. You don’t just have bricks dropping down on a conveyor, you instead have things like fish dropping there. That by itself makes it much more attractive.

It also introduced special mini game islands, like an Obby island (I’ve played that game only once so it might be inaccurate), vehicles, well made assets, and an eye-catching art style.

@emrek It’s a good start. The things work the way they should and the map is pretty basic, but not the worst I’ve seen. If you’re planning to expand upon this game, you need to bring something new to the table as well as improving some things.

  • Improve the map, make it look better and more interesting

  • Create a game mechanic which isn’t really common in existing tycoons

  • Add more depth, more gameplay and generally more things you can do. The biggest problem with tycoons is that there’s nothing much to do and players get eventually bored and leave.

  • Improve the assets. They look good for starters, but make them less square and more interesting. Consider using 3D software if you’re not already.

  • Nothing grabs the player’s attention upon entering. You spawn in the middle of the map, need to find an empty base and then start walking over buttons.

  • Change the UI. A big “2x speed” button is not a happy sight, to say the least. Add a store or something similar.

I don’t think so. There are still many popular tycoons out there.

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