Feed back on my game

I’m struggling currently trying to think of updates and features I can add into my game to make it more engaging to users as currently I think it becomes rather dull after a few rounds having been played.

Heres the game link: Race To Heaven - Roblox

I’m hoping I can gain some valuable feedback here whether someone has some good ideas, or how users here are finding how the game plays and appears. (thank you :slight_smile: )


didnt you already post this like a day ago or something

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Amazing. Maybe change the GUI loading screen to connect with the actual assets loading instead of it just moving without doing anything.
Overall, Love the idea and keep up the good work.

Yeah the other day, I received zero feedback so I have improved the post slightly and hope to gain more feedback.

Thank you, this is something we have an idea to improve on with a character running up some stairs but is something for the future although I’ll see if there’s a short term fix until there’s a better looking loading screen.

It’s okay, I feel like there could be more of an adrenaline rush aspect of the game, the amount of time required to get up is abnormally huge (I finished the game with more than 180 seconds remaining). As for the gameplay, its just an upwards obby with a counter. Maybe try incorporating a sabotage or perk system of the game?

Here are some thing’s that I think could be improved:

  1. The side GUI with the trophy symbol and money symbol, I feel that the actual money amount should be aligned with each other to make it look more pleasing.

  2. The height meter look’s fine, however I think the value clouds stand out a little too much, as they do not really fit with the overall colour scheme of orange and yellow.

To be honest, I’m really just nit-picking so great job on the GUI!

EDIT: I would also recommend adding background music during the tasks / levels just to make it more entertaining. (I’m not sure if you already have, but the music it my game has stopped playing)

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Well Done. Il have more feedback for future updates


Mhm, a sabotage or “perks” could be kind of fun. If players were able to sabotage, like in Mario Kart with the shells.

I’ll see about the timer too, it might make rounds more fast paced and action packed by having less time creating that adrenaline rush.

Yeah we should have music but i’ll take a look, especially with adding maybe some further sound effects.

I agree with the alignment of the GUI’s i’m going to fix that now for future servers. I’m planning on hopefully redoing the current GUI’s to make them more simulator themed and more aesthetically pleasing.

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Hey! I just played your game, and I find it really fun. I like the idea of the game, how it’s built, and the stages are really creative. Overall amazing game. I also really like your icon and thumbnails. Good luck with your game!

Thank you! We’re hoping to get more popular and grow the game out, currently trying to make an advertising plan which is self sufficient due to limited funds.

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I played it more and it’s definitely more fun with more players, I also got to learn some of the newly generated areas to ensure that people can have a new experience every time they play. You can start hiring builders or build different maps with different themes for a more diverse gameplay experience (I don’t mean the maps have to impact gameplay but they can just be there to look cool and make the player feel immersed in a new environment)

Overall, it’s a good game, definitely has potential!

(Edit: found a bug where if you stand close to where the map generates you can wedge yourself in the staircase and get stuck. Maybe add an invisible wall there to prevent that lol)

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Thanks for the reply!
Also, I thought I should inform you of a bug.
I’ve been playing for around 2 / 3 minutes and the GUI section which contains the settings, the noob icon and the friend invitation has just disappeared on me. I’m not sure as to why that’s happened but thought I’d let you know.

EDIT: also, when you click the ‘+’ next to the money icon / value there’s no close button. (I just realised you can just click the shop button to close, but I think it would probably be better to also enable the toggle with the same ‘+’ button)

Yeah I think i’ll take a look at hiring on some new builders or fellow team members to assist with the games development.

I’ll take a look at the bug you found too and fix that.


Yeah I didn’t twig that, I’ll add a generic red X to be able to leave the shop and after pressing the green ‘+’ icon.

Thanks for the feedback.


nice game great work. needs a bit more work tho.