Feed back on my High-Quality DCO!

Hello everyone !

This is my first post and I will get right to the point.
I’ve spent two weeks developing this DCO, it has great scripting and is fairly well built.

I just really want to know:

  • Does this game have chances of success?
  • Could it stand out from other DCOs?
  • Is it actually well made and is it good quality as I think?
  • Is the icon attractive?

And lastly, if you know about adds, im going to invest 50k on this game and id like to know if that’d be enough. Thanks!


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The game is really good I made it to the hard section, but there is some Z-fighting but other than that i could see this game having players

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Thank you Ill make sure to look for those

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Hello, the game was good and I would recommend to friends except it doesn’t stand out from the other difficulty chart obbys. You use the same layout, from UI to building. The old brick style and functionality are the same, the only thing I am able to give you credit was the obby which was very unique. Here are some things I recommend you doing to make your game stand out;

  • Add music, adding music with a mute button can help and relax players during difficult stages.
  • Atmosphere for different stages eg: music, skybox, etc.
  • Shine away from the typical stages, while playing your game it seems to be heavily inspired by other main DCOs. Be unqiue!
  • Add fun speed boosts, jump pads, anything that will engage players in the first 10 stages.
  • Add shiftlock to mobile
  • Lastly, add fun decor eg: water underneath for summer, big ducks, something that a 10yr would like or make it aesthetically pleasing.

First stage part collapse. You can easily fix this by reshaping block or -.1 in size


remove trees and add something that is similar to your old block style.

Hope this helped and I really enjoyed playing your game, have a nice day :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks man.

The music and the mute button are done but I still gotta get more music.
I think the sky box and lighting is good but if you feel like they don’t fit tell me.
Ill make sure to add more interactive stuff specially on the first stages.
There is shift lock on mobile.
DCOs are tend to have a simple aesthetic so I can’t just add ducks or stuff like that, but ill try to make it more decorated.

Lastly I couldn’t get the bug what the mistake was. AnyAway, thanks again for the detailed feedback

Played your game, and here’s some feedback I have gathered:

  1. Small glitch here with the Spectator GUI for those with longer usernames, might want to scale the text.
  2. Would recommend scaling the conveyors on Stage 24 to fit the Platform.
  3. Try to award Players with a badge when they pass through every difficulty, so they’ll be more encouraged to continue Playing the game.
  4. Felt you could have done something more eye-catching when the Spawns are stepped on. Perhaps include a forcefield effect when it gets activated?
  5. Dying or resetting temporarily makes the “Skip Stage” feature ready to use for 1-2 seconds, before reverting to its actual cooldown.
  6. Fell that new Players should already have a free stage skip to let them experience the usage.

Pretty okay DCO there, obbies were quite decent, so good job!

Thank you. By the way the free skip doesn’t work unless the 30 minutes passed. What you said is just a visual error.

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