Feed back on my hotdog place

so i decied to finish my burgewr place and my roblox studio didn’t save so i made a quick hot dog place. i thought it was kinda neat but i need feed back on the sign, window or something else thx. i also played around with the lighting

You may then include any further details.

thank you for every one who gave me advice on my build here is a link to my final build hot dog place - Roblox


Wait, that’s the hotdog place? It looks like a roof. I suggest making it more like an actual building. change the color of the entrance doors to something other than teal. The top of the roof isn’t lined up correctly.
Change the sign also.

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I suggest to not use to much brick in one build. I also suggest to not make the whole house a roof.


Hot dog restaurants can come in different shapes, and sizes, it doesn’t need to be an actual building like something you’ll see in your local town area or city. However, I’m sure he followed a reference image.

As for the OP the build lacks overall color and length I feel like your materials are very similar to your recent build you should try finding more colorful warmer colors that makes it stand out more the text is hard to see as it blends in the material you chosen.

Try finding ones that make the text more noticeable you could even go for brighter colors and see how it looks the materials are all over the place if you’re recreating a build that inspired you (reference image) than I would look at and see what details it features, colors - texture or materials.

There’s a lot that you could improve try making it more longer instead of it being short, it kind of looks like a street hot dog stand from my point of view.

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WELL i am trying to make like those small hotdog places if you search up largest fast food hot dog chain you will see what i am trying to do

well like i said i made based on a Wienerschnitzel restraunt if you search it up you will no why i am making it mostly brick

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ik the wondows are just a place holder for a material bc idk what material to use for the windows yet

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I know i said it in my response but accidentally removed it I wasn’t referring to changing the structure of the building, Indeed, it is good.

I’m more focusing more on the colors and materials (in my opinion) to add further detail like lighter colors And length. The build looks fine as it is: its simplicity gives it that old vibe.

What I was suggesting was giving the building more length vibrant colors - materials to make it “pop.” To give an example, the building your recreating doesn’t feature brick materials. It’s more on the base part but not the entire building from my my understanding:



The build looks fine it just there isn’t no length added to it do you mind showing the reference image your going off of the one i found earlier features yellow, white colors the one you have maybe features bricks?

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I feel like the roof comes down a bit too low. Also rather than putting a hard to read sign that says “hotdogs” I would suggest modelling out a hotdog in Blender (or in Studio, whichever you prefer, honestly) and then having it on the side or on the building. It might look better. Also the windows should be openable so it gives it a more realistic-ish touch. That’s just my opinion, though.

Looks good other than that.

I look forward to what this will become. :slight_smile:

well i havent use blender before and i can’t download for somereason but i am still looking in to it

well the one i was looking at was this pic

ignore the man bc i was building off of that for refrence and there is limited materials in roblox so that is why i did mostly brick bc you can see that its brick and tile but there is no tile

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well the neon material was just a place holder bc idk what material to do the window

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I agree, it looks like a roof. Could use a change in materials, more detailed. Have you checked the size of it compared to a player? Also could use better placing with the letters in the sign.
I really like the way you did the counter though, really good design on that.

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well i remodeled it with all your advice and i think it looks better but not that good.

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you dont need to see how tall it is bc you can just select all of it and scale it

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I like it, keep it up! You should continue working on it!

Thanks for clarifying the image showed above seems to be the same just with different material placements I see these types of hotdog areas feature a different style of colors so I would assume yours should implement that.

Instead of using the Roblox material you should use a mesh or part and size it properly (square) to have outlines around the area something like brick placements it would look more unique if you used that instead of the normal materials that Roblox has. Despite the lack of a roof, what you’ve made so far doesn’t look bad.

A tip would be to add more height to the your build by looking at the images you’re going off of the roof structure is more higher you could probably achieve this if you raise your roof more and the building then it would look the same as the reference if your more going for your own style? Good job with your build so far.