Feed Back on my Ice Cream Store

I give it a 4-10. Overall the building looks great, but… it doesn’t look like a ice cream store. Try adding some signs, posters , plants.

Looks good! Maybe a bit of detail and it would be perfect! :grin:

Looks great so far, it needs a lot more detail on the outside though.
Add a little patio on the outside, with chairs and tables.
Then it’ll look pretty good, other than that great job!


As for now, I rate it a 7. Why?

  • Well planned as an ice-cream store should be vibrant in colours. [+2]
  • Designed nicely with windows and doors that look modern and beautiful. [+2]
  • As you said low-poly, it looks just like one. {+3]

How to Improve?

  • An ice cream cone on the top like you said to make it look just like a store which sells ice cream.
  • A banner on the top of the door with the store’s name. (maybe a colourful name?)
  • The window is way bigger than the door which looks hilarious. Maybe enlarge the doors or adjust the windows to make it smaller than the door?
  • Add a rectangular pot of plants under the windows? (like a hook to secure it)

I’m envious of you. :smile_cat: If I did that, I would literally spend about half an hour just to do that in Blender. Anyways, awesome work!

I think the design of the building is good, but if i was playing a game and looking for an ice cream store, i probably wouldn’t think this is what i was looking for, because, it doesn’t really have many features that say its an ice cream store.

so i would rate this 8/10, but i think its a good looking ice cream store.

Good work! My one big thing is that it doesn’t have anything to represent it as an ice cream store, like mostly everyone else said. 8.5/10 :+1:t6: