Feed Back on my Ice Cream Store

Hey guys! I just made this Ice Cream Store about 5 minutes ago. It took me about 5-10 minutes to make.
I was trying to make it low poly. If you could be sure to give me feed back and what I should change to it. It really helps a lot. I am going to add an ice cream cone do it but I am currently learning how to make 3D Models in blender. Also, if you could be sure to give my building a rating on a scale of 1-10. Thanks for you time.Capture

EDIT: This is a build for my new and upcoming game Business Simulator.


Looks perfect. I’ll give it a 9/10

The 1 mark is deducted because I don’t see anything that can claim this building is an ice-cream store and lack of details.


It does not hint an ice cream store directly. You might as well add a obnoxious lmfao sign hinting it.

Optional additions:

  • Different windows
  • Awning

I’m beginning to think this build is semi-decent. There is just something not “right” about the door and alignment.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll take everything you said and use that to make it look better.


Thanks for the rating! I’ll be sure to put more detail into my next build instead of rushing it as it took me about 8 minutes to build.


Looks great, but not like an ice cream store. Maybe add a sign or some other details to make it more obvious.


This is a nice building, but it’s not an ice cream store. Here are a couple suggestions that you might want to consider.

  • Most icecream stores are not two stories. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an icecream store in a split occupy.
  • A sign of sorts would benefit the store greatly.
  • Clear windows and possibly a colorful awning out front would help.

To further, I don’t want to rate a premature build, but it’s not bad for the amount of time you put in. It’s just not giving the icecream store vibe.


The overall looking of this “Ice cream Store” is okay, but there is a lot of room for improvements.
As you said adding an ice cream cone would definitely make the building look 100x times better. Also, in my opinion, it looks a bit too basic, which is not too good in the low-poly theme.
Consider adding a “Ice Cream Shop” text in the top of the store, and change the door so it doesn’t look the same as the windows, it would for sure make the overall looking better.
For the rating, taking in count all what i said before, i would give it a 4/10 !
Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Like other have said, this doesn’t look like a icecream shop. I suggest looking at pictures for reference. Add a icecream on top or something. But for starters, this is definitely 7/10 which isn’t bad!


An awesome concept however there are a few flaws;

  • The store is lacking any branding and or symbols to show that it actually is an ice-cream shop, possibly an ice-cream/cone mesh could be used to show this.

  • I think that if you’re going for a low-poly effect then the building should not have 8 sides and such realistic windows. Try going for different, unique shapes etc to “spice” it up.

Overall a nice attempt that needs many improvements.


The ice cream store could have had a more interesting shape, instead of a square. The door could be larger to match the windows better, low poly doesn’t mean low quality


Add more rooms to it, more details, a big sign, parking lot, details on roof.


Add some more details, for example, signs, some hangovers, nature, outside sitting area. I would rate it a 6/10.

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Your “Ice Cream Store" looks very good so far, i like how you added the shape, design, to the ice cream store as well there seems to be. No details implemented to your build! However there is a couple of things. I’ll add to your low poly, store so it could look. More detailed and improved a lot more overall. it looks really good and i think you are trying, to make your build look more like the stores in real! Life as well i think it looks really amazing! Anyways i would try adding some (Thin Bricks) to your store, just so it could look like a low poly store as. Your store doesn’t have no symbols, sign, branding, ect. To the build so it could show that’s a! Ice cream store! I’ll try making a “Cone” implemented on top of the building. Or different shapes so it could look more better and so it, could show that’s a ice, cream store overall i think you really! Have a decent concept here.

Low Poly Store
So your ice cream store is a very decent, concept however there is a couple of things that you can add such as awnings. Know these kind of stores always have different colors of awning in the front of the door, side, windows, ect. Try implementing some colored awnings to your! Store so it could look more detailed however, i would try using the following colors. Such as pink, blue, white, red, purple, yellow, ect. Any other natural colour, you can consider the moss green, orange, and others just try using those! Colors or play around with others to make, sure it fits to your store you could all ways try doing. Something like that so it could look more, detailed and improved and then once, you implement awnings to your low poly build! Try adding some (Awning Support Bar) so the awning could stay. Connected to your store overall that’s mostly, needed on ice cream stores so consider doing! Something like that. And i would try lining your window frames so they could, look more better and then try adding, some metal door frames implemented onto your! Build instead of having it a grey color. You could always try adding other feature materials to. Your door such as wood, metal, iron, steel, ect. Those are some materials you could try adding to your store, and then i see you added the (Double Doors) i would mostly add a door knob! And try using some material instead of. Having a white part piece added to the, doors as it seems to look like, a large window you could try adding that. And then i would recommend you implement! Some thin bricks around the build so, it won’t look plain since your going! For a low poly design that’s mostly needed, overall great job on your creation so far!!

Know as i said above you could always. Try adding some awnings to your store there! Mostly in front of the door, side, window parts, i would recommend you do something! Like that so it could be more improved, and then you could add some feature! Colors implemented to the awning to give it a more. Decent style as well i listed, some colors above and then (Signs) know there very important! That’s what shows that your creation. Is a food store, ice cream store, or restaurant, ect. You always want to try adding some hanging, signs on the side of your build or in the! Front part i would recommend you, implement a letter sign with a wooden, stand so the letters could be. Connected to it i would try doing something! Like that i know your build would look more improved, and detailed with those implemented to your, creation overall as you can see below most. (Ice Cream Stores) always have awnings, signs, posters, ect. Added the building so it could! Show what kind of store it is i would suggest, you try doing something like just to give it more details. Overall with those added to your store, i know it look more amazing.


I know your store will look good with other details, next to the entrance and the building! Itself but it would look more better if you added details. To your build just to look more like a store, as i said above you could add some awnings, hanging signs, colors, materials, ect. and then you could add some in the “Ice Cream Store”. Just to give your low poly design some details to it! I would also add a few other details to, your concept to make it stand out more. Here is couple of decorations you could add to your low poly store! if you need ideas to make it look more, decent overall you, have done a amazing job on your “Low Poly Ice Cream Store” so far hope to see the final build and if you want to implement these kind of ideas to your build. These are just some ideas that can, help you with adding more details to it! As well to the rest of the build!!

Ice Cream Decorations

  • Ice Cream Marquee Sign, Posters, Potted Plants, Open Signs,
  • Chairs, Tables, Chalkboard Sign, Ice Cream Statue, Umbrellas,
  • Awnings, Benches, Ice Cream Stickers, Menu Posters & Trash Cans
  • Picnic Table, Window Boxes, Trees, Logo, Rocks, Bushes,
  • Parking Lots, Flowers, Special Menu, Bike Racks & Bollards
  • Wall Lights, Lounge Chairs, Sundae Table, Giant Ice Cream Cone Model,

Overall, you’ve done a decent job on your “Low Poly Store” and it looks really good so far. Can’t wait to see more of work very soon, as well the final build only if you plan on adding more decor to it very soon and the details, design, you implement! To your “Low Poly Creation” looks really amazing i would just add! The final store decorations to your build. Such as signs, lights, tables, chairs, statues, ect. So it could look a lot more! Better once you finish it up, however keep it, up those are the exterior decorations, details, that can really help you with adding details to the building, and the interior itself! Aside all of that it looks very. Decent so far keep it up! And you’ll be making more nice creations! Very soon these are just the details, your store needs!!


To be honest it isn’t as good as I’d expect a low-poly build. I’d rate this a 7/10. There aren’t any signs or anything that give away the fact it is an ice cream shop. People might even think it is a souvenir shop, a clothing store, a jewelry store, and much more beyond that.


As a builder myself, I do feel as though it needs quite a bit more effort before being posted for review on the Dev forums because feedback on here can be quite rough, however, I do like the way that you beveled the corners!

The windows are coherently rushed, considering they are only 6 parts each, my feedback for the windows would be as following:

  • Don’t use full blown neon materializing, instead, since it is low poly, stick with smooth plastic, and maybe make them different sizes and proportions. For example, try making some on the bottom long and skinny, and the ones on top wider and fatter.

  • Add shading, and by that, for example, you could make the window color a nice light blue, and then you could copy it, make it slightly darker and maybe 0.01 thicker and just add it to the corners of the window, then surround it with a white border/window sill

As for the building itself, it’s lacking important details such as what many people had suggested - some sort of indicator that it is an ice cream shop (Such as a sign). What you could also add is what is shown in @jordonh23 's photo reference - the red and yellow Awnings hanging over top of the windows ( or in your case to match the color scheme - white and pink) . I feel as though you could add some sort of bricking on each of the corners of the store using smooth plastic parts as seen on this image:
(Not my image, just found it)

Finally, the last thing I wish to talk about is the door. again, when doing low poly, my recommendation is to stick to one material (Usually smooth plastic), because neon can be hard to work with and it just doesn’t match the over all quality. The door handles should probably be a bit more visible, but again, this may be due to the neon coloring on the door.

Please do not take this as discouragement, because you’re doing really good, it just needs a few more touch ups! Keep up the good work!!


As an ordinary building, I love it. But that’s also the jarring issue, there’s no way to hint at the fact that it’s an ice cream store. Either create a sign that says Ice Cream Store, or an Ice Cream Icon.

I think it is a good start, as you have the basic structure. Although, I think a one-story building would appear more like an ice-cream shop. Adding details such as an awning or flowers would significantly make your build look more like a delicate ice-cream shop. Use pictures as reference, such as:

Good work! :slight_smile:

It is nice but at the same time simple; but sometimes simple is all you want to achieve, that depends on your preference. I would suggest maybe a little bottom molding going around the outside as well as an awning or the addition of an exterior sign.