Feed back on my low poly cafe

Hello everyone can you pls give me some suggestions for my low poly cafe.


plus = I will add more chairs and tables soon as it is currently a prototype.

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I would make the architecture of the walls and ceiling more interesting with slanted parts as a challenge. I would make the windows more detailed with frames. I’d also suggest making a spot for where you would put the logo even if you don’t have one yet. Lights would really help out in the inside to make give it dimension. Those are some things I would change but ofc it all depends on what kind of cafe this is. Hope this helps!


Actually it is a low poly cafe so the details are less however lights are a good idea with a 3d name.

Hi, nice build! But I think you need to add more shape and roof to your build. Low Poly builds do not need to be minimalistic if you do it correctly! I would recommend adding landscape, experimenting with color, and adding more shape and detail. Have a good day :smiley:


This isn’t low poly the style your referring to is a more cartoony style, you’ll achieve with using (smooth plastic material - virbrant colors - use of lighting). Consider finding a proper layout at the start it’s still in development strive into giving the building more variety of shapes and details to enhance the building. Have you tried adding bits of details around the interior and exterior?

The build looks more simplistic however it would be more interesting looking if you added other shapes rather then the repetitive square design.

Add more variety of shapes to it at the moment it doesn’t have a resemblance of a (cafe) the building looks a little early in development maybe put more effort and time into finishing it up by placing decorations and items featuring seating and vegetation around the build at the moment not much feedback can’t be provided