Feed Back on My Mountain

i need feedback on my mountain


This looks amazing the lighting looks extremely good. The terrain is also really detailed.

Lightning is extremely impressive and reflections are also just as good.
But if I have to give some feedback it would be a tad bit too much snow on the lower parts.
Try transitioning like a gradient from dirt & grass to rock & dirt and then rock & snow.

I’m no terrain specialist but that’s my feedback contribution. Still. It’s an excellent looking mountain especially the lightning, I’m drooling over the lightning design! Great job on it. Keep on deving!

Thanks for the Feedback i will definitely do that, this is also my first post in devforum

Ah! Welcome to the forums, wouldn’t you know. I’m also a newbie too! Just today I got my promotion! :slight_smile:

Hi, well first of all good job. But you want feedback you will receive feedback, the overall shape of the mountain is wacky, however I am not certain what you were going for but to me it seems less like a mountain and more like a half-baked hill with rock texture. the contribution between grass and rock is off and all over the place, you need to decide where the grass ends and the mountain begins. If you wish to combine both, add cliffs, stable terrain, make it obvious it’s a mountain with all it’s glory.

I am sure you are able to improve on what you have, and I am certain you have the skill to do it.

Over-all good work and keep rocking.



I’m not a builder, but it looks dope!

The top is quite flat and doesn’t look as much like a real mountain. Either make it a bit more pointy or you could build something on top of it, even just some grass and trees could probably work.

This mountain looks amazing especially the view of the sunset you can get on top of it good work!

ive made some changes pls be honest is this better?

dont mind the person there

i tried to replicate the original images the best i can


Hi, It is a slight improvement. But the contribution between the grass and rock is still all over the place. The shaping is however much better.

Good job.

I think you need to divide the mountain into biomes, kinda like the ones shown in the picture, with more vegetation towards the bottom and more rock and snow towards the top.

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I think the thing you are missing is snow, there should be snow at the top and the rock should start a bit higher

Hope you have a wonderful day in the DevForum Community! :grinning: