Feed back on my new lobby

Hey i said i prefered post my lobby first in the market but i am afraid to make a error, tell me if the lobby look good please


The lobby looks incredible! It’s very vast and the waterfall which goes over the edge is a great touch to it. The architecture is also very detailed and overall this is a great job.


The build is really nice because it mixes realistic colors with semi low-poly successfully. I think if this were to be a front-page game lobby though, it would need some brighter interactive elements and more brand-driven themes. As a template, this is an amazing build–great work! :octopus:

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It looks amazing. Absolutely incredible. Other than making the clouds look a bit more “fluffy” and bigger, I am speechless.

Keep up the amazing work!

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The lobby is fantastic and detailed! Some of the strongest details on this are the terrain. Its design is very professional and pleasing to the eye. My only suggestion is to try and add some variance with the rocks and such, so you have different variants of them.

Other than that, it’s off to a good track. With a little bit of refinement you could make a really great low poly/flat shading builder.

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It looks very good!

However I think you should change the clouds and this material

also you could rotate the trees too, so they don’t look cloned

oh and the houses should be a little different, you could add some details on them
also there’s a tree that looks way too near to the house, you could move that a bit
and there’s the circle, you could make it transparent, it’ll look better

also move those a little little bit down

you should make a tail for the flower :slight_smile:

also the bridge make it like this

(distance between parts)

Overall, nice work!


If my lobby is in a popular game i will make a better lobby

Maybe add some particle affects. E.g. water effects to make the waterfall seem like it’s moving. Looks good to me.

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I don’t know how to do particle effect for watter😅

Here’s a decent tutorial, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8KWaUkyCM8

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Great work! Try adding more islands! They won’t have bridges, so they won’t be connected with the other islands. They will just be miscellaneous and will be added only to make the lobby more beautiful.

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Amazing build and incredible detail! I love the island in the clouds, super cool. Noice job!

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Phenomenal, absolutely love it.
The only thing I’m iffy about are the clouds, they look too flat and spammed around. Perhaps making them look bigger and puffy. That’s my only problem with it, other than that it’s absolutely amazing.

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It looks absolutely incredible,i honestly have no words,the low-poly style is great too

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I like the attention to details!
Only advice that I would give is to optimized your meshes. Right now some of your tinier meshes is very high in poly, and this will cause lag for players.
Optimize your meshes by keeping things low poly, especially small tiny stuff like your flowers and bricks that’ll be duplicated around the environment. Players will not pay much attention to tiny details like these, so it’s best to cut corners and delete faces that won’t ever be seen. You can even replicate most of these finer details with textures. Make sure to always keep an eye on your face/vertices/edge count.

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Supreme look! Other than the detailed builds and decorations, it needs some more to fill the empty spots around! Great job keep going.

Looks really nice and I don’t think you need to change anything. Keep up the good work.

This looks amazing I really like how you used low poly and added a lot of detail into things! You should also add realism into it to make the build look way more awesome than it already is.

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I like the semi-low poly in here and maybe in the future you could add some minigames if it matches with what your going for.