Feed back on my nuclear explosion

Hi I need your help,I am making a "Weapon testing range game and I need help improving the nuclear bomb vfx, Here’s the explosion (Sadly the file is too big so ill have to host it on streamable), Desktop 2022.11.14 -
Desktop 2022.11.14 -


Thats horrifingly really good…

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What in god’s name…. This looks exactly what I assume a nuclear explosion would look like. However, on the first clip, as soon as the nuke hits the ground, your camera shakes. That doesn’t happen in real life, usually the shakes and glass shattering come after about 3-4 seconds with shockwaves. Minor fix there, but yeah this is spot on.



Thx, That is actually due to the the fact that the house is ~200 meter from ground zero, and I use real sonic speed, But I can change that!

  • House should blacken/catch on fire immediately, more so on the side facing the bomb, then fall apart when the shockwave hits. Pieces that come off should not just collapse but go flying back, smaller ones should fly away faster.

  • Bottom /stalk of mushroom cloud could be more organic. Maybe make it out of transparent textured pieces moving around stacked torus shapes like convection, if that makes sense. Put neon pieces inside and dark particles blocking them?

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This is excellent! Realistically shocking, keep up the good work! :eyes:

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That effect is really good, just maybe use more high quality meshes to achieve that perfected effect.

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