Feed back on my parkour game

just saying this is 90% not done, just beta of the beta, but I would love to see what you think about it so far
(the controls is shift for run, shift+space+near a wall to wallrun and ye)
the game:


May want to address this

XD ok its fixed now it should work

A few spaces for improvement:
Shift to run keybind doesn’t seem to always work (particularly right after respawning)
The camera dipping when you land seems to be too slow, goes too far down, and isn’t smooth enough
Overall the animations aren’t great. They seem robotic and don’t fit the mechanics very well.

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the shift thing will be able to work after a few second of respawn
and the player is supposed to play in first person so the player can’t see the animation :wink:
I am trying to copy the landing like in clustertruck,make the player feel they are landing hard and jumping hard and all that stuff,it might be too much, ig i can change the shake lvl to 2.5 instead of 3

Level 4 of the obby seems impossible, but maybe im just not doing it correctly. Pretty cool concept, I like the wall running!


This is pretty cool. I like the controls and I think the concept has a lot of potential. Keep experimenting with this, I think you could make some very exciting gameplay out of the controls.


it is possible, but you have to jump higher and spamming space lol(well i only did 5 levels so in lvl 5 u will get back to the spawn when u touch portal)

It’s a good idea, just not executed very well. One way you could improve it is smooth it out with tweening (Play around with different easing styles).

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This is really cool, perfect proof of concept. My first two suggestions would be to disable shift lock and force the camera to be first person.

Level four is a bit too hard if not impossible but the 3 before it were fun. I would play a full game like this with a bit more polish. Keep up the good work, this is definitely a cool project.

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this is already going to be a first person game, I will make lvl 4 more easy

It’s really nice, maybe make shiftlock off automatically since I got confused for a few seconds lol.

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