Feed Back on my second simulator low poly map

Hello! I’m polarisprog, I usually script but I decided to learn some building I made my first map arround 7 months ago and I stopped but for some reason I started making a map for my upcomming game it took me arround 4 hours to build/3d model (I followed tutorials for the 3d models) here is the map:

Thank you!

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The map is really cute! However, I noticed some errors:


Thank you! I will fix those right now

The map is so far very awesome! I love the low poly style you added to it! Incredible job!

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i love the low poly style in it. AMAZING Job!

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Did you know that you can incercrase polys and make meshes more detailed with a subdivision in edit mode (if you are using blender)?

You can make your models look more unique and detailed with it!



Simply right-click your mesh (with all polys selected) and then click subdivide, you can change how much subdivisions you want!

You can also incercrase or reduce the smoothness of the subdivisions, to make your models less “flat”!

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The map layout and design is surprisingly good so far. I’d definitely decrease the amount of trees on the map and try placing other vegetation props around the area whether it’s bushes shaped rocks different tree formation including additional details roots moss ect – the cartoony color matches the style your going for.

I think everything is well-built so far; however I’m curious you got all the other details planned out. I recommend scaling in the pine tree trunk to decrease the thick look. Otherwise it’s a start to something it could use a few improvements that would make it feel more alive like.

Other then that looks good so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

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