Feed back on ugc application item

Hello! I am currently working on my UGC application, and here is one of my items i will be submitting.
Please give me feedback/what I can add / change.
thank you. ( this is my fith time applying to be in the ugc program.)


that looks very good and I think it should pass (since this looks better then some UGC stuff i’ve seen)

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thank you so much! highly apprectated

This looks awesome, especially as a UGC application item. It fits the character very well, and I bet it would be awesome with layered clothing. Props!

for the layered clothing part: as long as the clothing doesn’t glitch and cover over it
(i dunno much about layered clothing glitches but i think thats possible)

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Wow compared to the ther UGC accessories I’ve seen this one looks really good!