Feed Bilbert Map Update + Many more features

Hello! This post is overdue by about… 6 months or so, but I noticed our game hasn’t even got 10 visits since the big new update so I’m going to post about it. The new map is here, and it’s pretty different from the old one. Here is an old image:

Compared to a new one:

Many new features in this update were added, such as:

Incinerator! Now the toilets just flush poop instead of things like dogs and knives. Partly because we don’t want kids to flush knives down their toilet, but mostly just because lobbing things into the toilet like a catapult is omega annoying

Speaking of features for the safety of children, we removed the blood from bilbert. This wasn’t for child safety, we just didn’t like the way it looked, really.

Now, if you noticed, there are tips! Some are helpful…
While others are, well…
Now, last time I played with more than 1 person, someone was abusing the fact that you can have unlimited knives, and that you could just flush all the dogs and no one could do anything about it…
So I added something akin to the kick manager button from Work at a Pizza Place!
The clean kitchen button! When 5 people vote, all knives and dogs will be magically cleared as if they were never there, and the counter will reset.
Some more fun features were added, like changing the way bilbert get stabbed. When you used to stab him, it would kinda just make a slice noise and do nothing. Now they pierce skin!

Some more changes include:

Making conveyer belt more accessible
Fixing the mute button
Lil’ bilbert now shaking on a rug, so he gets bought a bit more
Bilbert says yummy when he eats something.

If you want to play the game, go here: *DISCONTINUED* Feed Bilbert! - Roblox

If you want to see the changelog, go here: Feed Bilbert Updates

And lastly, if you want to join the adopt me hate club, go here: The Official Adopt Me HATE Group - Roblox
(btw dont go there to complain it’s a joke, also BUY THE SWEATER)


You need to mass advertise, it’s 2022 visits aren’t randomly generated. Roblox will not show your game unless you advertise it

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wait… this is giving me amazook vibes. too nostalagic

joined your group for that