Feedback: 2D Graphics Art

Hey, I just recently tried a new art style for drawing my ROBLOX avatar as a gfx:

I would love for any feedback since this was very out of my comfort zone.

For comparison this is a recent digital drawing I did:

I know it isn’t a ROBLOX drawing but it is just to compare my different styles I suppose since I haven’t done a 2D GFX in a few years.

Thank you :sparkling_heart:


Your arts looks awesome keep up the great work! what program you used to create them :smiley:

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Thank you! I use Krita to make it

Love the colour palette!! I’m also a big fan of the way the eyes are drawn :+1:


This actually looks really nice, the thing that caught my attention is very small but you could try to make it look more as if it were to curl around the body, if you have free time, you don’t have to though, just some advice.


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Thank you for this, I didn’t really notice until now :two_hearts:


Loving it :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep it up, you’re very talented.

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Really nice I love that art style. Would recommend having an extra 2nd layer of dark shadows inside your normal shadows to really add to the contour on the face. :slight_smile:

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Thanks yeah I was thinking the skin looked a bit flatter than the hair because of this, I will take that into consideration. : )

Damn these are good no idea how you could improve from this, watermark em quick

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