[FEEDBACK] 3D Logo I made to practice

Over the past week I have attempted to spend around an hour each day to make this logo which is a re-design of the Resort Tycoon Logo. I am looking for feedback on the re-design. (I am aware this may be too dark/colours may be off as I was making this on my monitor which is pretty new and I realised the brightness was way to high.) Also keep in mind I don’t make really make logos, but I am attempting to improve.




wow looks really cool love the style!

woah, i think you use photoshop, sadly i can’t purchase them
overall this is insane!!

I used photopea, it is a browser version of photoshop that is free. I recommend you try it out!


Looks nice, well detailed, keep it up!

Oh I use photopea for many years, but I couldn’t get the resources for the logos