I am working on a city with a client of mine, and I don’t only want his opinion I want a community’s opinion on the build, there are a couple of things to know, first, on the side wall, the windows look thinner, but its perspective, because I went on streetview and they were the same sie as the front windows.

I also messed up on the frames, I forgot to add them, but I think it looks better without the frames, anyway, its not that great but I feel like it is a bit decent, be truthful, give me critisisms, anything, thank you :slight_smile:



Yeah, I was going to detail it once the general building was done, but thank you :heart:

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I feel like the walls are better attuned to the concerete material, with the taupe edging being more plastic like, but the building looks good. If you want it to match up I’d get the sun in the right spot with the right brightness and possibly color correction, because then lighting isn’t a factor, and you could really take advantage of the reference photo then, not just for structure but for texture, color and what’s emphasized.

Walls should be more pastel, edging more sand, as in your photo edging is almost yellow, which is a ugly color unless it’s popping yellow like a banana, and that’s not a resort, so bare with me it’s just my op it’s coming out great.

Looks great! But I think if you make the windows little more transparent, it would stand out. Nonetheless, its actually looking good! :+1:

amaizing work ! I’m looking on that and can say that it needs more bright colors on the walls . At all it’s great job ! 9 / 10 :+1:

Love it, nice! Next time complete it and send it for feedback!