[Feedback] about 1950’s styled town

Hello i started building a 1950’s style town.
I wanted to ask what do you guys think about the look of the game.

link to the game: Project 1950's [αlpha] - Roblox

If u have any suggestions about the game send them on my twitter


Can you send give us some pics for the people who can’t join? :123:


I suggest you add some photos/screenshots. Some people aren’t able to go into a game during the day due to unstable internet connection, etc. It also makes users loose interest in checking out your topic.

I also suggest providing more information on what you’re going for, to give more insight on what you’re going for. You should also change your title “I wanted to what do u guys think about my build” to something more like "[Feedback] 1950’s town. Your current title makes you look lazy.


Add more details on houses, trees etc, it would better the game.

More smoothness would be great, and add stones on the terrain. :+1:

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A few recommendations:

  • I implore you, and I’m saying this for your own reference for the future, to add screenshots to any post that you ask for feedback for on the developer forum.

  • Be more descriptive. Try and pin point exactly what you want to be reviewed instead of your entire game. Take screenshots and make careful notes of what you have created that you want feedback on from other people.

With that being said and having taken a look at your game–the buildings you created look fine, although if I were given more information about what the game is about, what it is for, and maybe specific questions for what you want feedback on.

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This looks like it’s going for a simple roblox style and it works, everything is built properly. No real overhauls needed. You should scale up the map even more, because the houses and roads are too miniature.

map will be enlarged with time

i will add some more screenshots soon. Soon because i have more building build in testing world and after they will be added to the game i will be able to take more screenshots

Amazing work on the game, I really love how you spawn into a little room and when you go along you get teleported into the town. I’d recommend using textures to show effects of it being old as I’m guessing you’re making a 1950’s town game which should look slightly old. I’d also recommend expanding the roads as normally roads wouldn’t be that small. I’d also recommend in changing how some houses look so they don’t look similar. I’d also recommend some houses that look broken to represent the 1950s time. Overall, you’ve done an amazing job and I can see potential with this game. Keep up the good work!

Thank You for your feedback i will try to add some textures to the game and make the roads bigger.

Sure there You go image

The main part of the town isnt completed yet as You can see.


Thanks for the pics it looks super good very good detail I want to see more and I hope get to see this when it’s done or in a game.

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It’s a town, sure. But the 50s element is lacking. I suggest you take a look at more references and put more detail in assets that are disticntively of the 50s (the street lights, for example). Also, once you’re all done with the build, maybe tweak the ambient and lighting to somewhat a yellow shade to nail that vintage look. GLHF!

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I like the use of different materials such as cobblestone and smoothplastic.

The Town Looks Very Good. But The Trees Need Some Reworking/Polishing. These Trees Are Just Three Cubes. And The Road Is Very Small Have You Considered Making it A Little Bigger?

Great work! Although you could improve this build a bit, I would say that you should maybe add some curves to give it less of a blocky feeling. I don’t want that to go to you personally. Just trying to give suggestions. :+1:

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Indeed, I see nothing referring back to the 50s.

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Looks pretty good. I would suggest to add a sky box with hills or buildings in the distance, or just build them. Adding a tint to the game would also help I think, such as a little bit of red or blue or yellow, whatever fits the best. You should also add some photos to your post as others have said before me, but overall, well done.

I was thinking about changing them because they dont look that good. They were made in 2 minutes so I will change them. Thanks!

And yes I was suggested to make a road bigger and It will be done.