Feedback about a Military Barracks I made

It looks way too simple and empty, you should add some more beds, maybe military bunk beds would be the right choice, current ones look like they’re made of plastic,

adding some some lockers and pictures on the walls would be also a good idea. But a thing you REALLY need to add is some textures or materials and obviously appropriate colours for them, the ones that you’re currently using don’t match AT ALL.

The walls match now, the beds are new. and those white things you see in the middle? Those are lockers. And no bunk beds. I’m going off of USAF Beds.

Those lockers still look too simplistic, white colour and no textures/materials.

Very open, walls are completely empty. You should use reference pictures to keep it realistic.
You should add more detail and make it smaller, add footlockers, cabinets, small items etc

I think you should add some lights on the ceiling, and maybe some windows?

Those white things are the lockers, (which are being remade)
And im adding detail as we speak.

No windows. Because you would be looking at walls.

It’s good! Although I think it could use a little of decoration

i would say try to add a lot more detail, like the beds, try to make the walls so they blend in the scene, other wise not bad

Have a more diverse use of texturing, and make it so that the scenery isn’t so bland, you can do this by adding more objects, such as lockers etc.
overall it’s ok, but there can be some improvements

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Not to mention, the place looks kinda dull and plain with the grey colour themed build. But for your first post, it looks real good!

I suggest have some decorations, or some cool features that you might wanna add in your build. Because it looks more like a public prison room, lol :sweat_smile:

Also, how about some lighting, the place looks kinda dark too. So, bright things up!

I think it looks good but it looks a little empty