Feedback about a Military Barracks I made

Hey guys! This is my first forum post!

How do you guys think on my barracks? What should be added to make it look better?
Is the lighting ok?


Please criticise! I won’t be offended.


Great start on your build! The lighting is cool, and as a recommendation, you might want to add more inventory to the barracks, including fighting dummies, posters if you want, and possibly more lockers. Either way, the overall build looks good.


This place looks very plain. I suggest adding a square under every bed to make each bed ‘tile’ stand out more. And maybe add some support beams along the walls and some in the middle of the room.

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It is really bland, also the wall texture doesn’t fit at all, you could add some lights, chairs, tables, pillars etc.

Thanks! I’ll see about adding more inventory. The dummies are not needed, as well, uh, i should’ve said its apart of a base lol. Anyways, the dummies are in a shooting range.
Posters, mght make it look better.

@Dolphin_Worm I think its pretty good considering he just joined the devforum yesterday.
Great Job @VaderGoalie !!

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Thanks! the walls looked like it fitted at first, but now that you say that, i see that it doesn’t fit as well as it did earlier.

Thanks! I’ll try that. Your tile idea sounds great!

Some suggestions:

  • The beds are spaced too far apart and they’re too slender
  • You should add bunk beds as they look more appropriate in a place which serves as an accommodation for a large number of people
  • Add textures and more stuff to the walls, maybe some posters or pictures.
  • Add tables and chairs. You can make the make them slightly disordered so that it conveys a more untidy feeling.
  • Maybe add some desks next to some of the beds.
  • The white storage closets (I’m assuming that’s what they are) should be taller
  • The room is too spacious. Maybe you can make the room slightly smaller and add more furniture so as to get rid of the empty space.
  • Table lamps/ Computers would be good too.
  • The roof texture looks way too bland. Add some lights and other stuff to make it look better.
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@BaggyChris I agree that its not bad for a first attempt but joining the dev forum yesterday does not necessarily mean he started building yesterday :joy: .

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Thank for your feedback! i’ll take that into recommendation.

Those are actually lockers.

Oh right, my bad :sweat_smile:.
They’d still look better if they’re taller tho.

I’m going to be honest: I it is WAY to big. Please make the proportions more reasonable. Also, the single beds aren’t common for military barracks. They usually have bunk beds. Also, please add windows. :upside_down_face:

Its not too big it just needs more decor like night stands next to the beds.

First of all, welcome to the devforum, glad to have you here. :slight_smile:

Second off, this is pretty good! Great work. :slight_smile:

First. Its from a corner view, but its not big. Second, im going off of the USAF beds (i should’ve said that before), its not exact, but i don’t really want bunk beds. And no point in windows, as you would just be looking at the garage next door and on the other side is the meeting center,

Oh, you’re going off the USAF beds… Ok. To me, it looks quite big, and that’s my opinion.

Thats becuase we still have not added uniforms and stuff, and tbh its really not that big. its abit small actually. The camera was in a far corner and near the roof so i guess that whats make s it look big?

It’s a great start, but it could use some bunk beds, footlockers and just more stuff. It feels super empty.

Those white things in the center? those are the lockers. Bunk beds? No. Im going off of USAF beds. More stuff? yes, my partners are currently making uniforms and gear.