Feedback About Dance Stage

Hi everyone! I’m making a Dance Stage but can’t record anything good with the roblox recorder (guess is also my pc’s fault) so i’ll just give here a link to join the game, i know is pretty empty but i just want to know what you guys think about.

Any suggestion is appreciated, i will work hard to add more and more assets so feel free to suggest any new parts to add in the map.

I also have a little list of what to add.

Also more gameplay will be addedd and will not be just an empty place where you just stay there.

WARNING: Volume may be too high for some songs (In studio is really different)
The game contains flashing lights

Link to the Showcase:





Could you provide some pictures instead please?

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I wanted to add a video because lights and more go in sync with the song and other than that the map is pretty empty, with photos will look just as a normal stage but i will add some in the morning (2AM here)

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Added some photos :heavy_check_mark:

But as i said is pretty empty without the music or videos.

UP :arrow_up:

Still no feedback on this topic.

It looks alright. I like the details on the music box thing and the lights, although it looks kind of empty so it could use some more decoration around it. 8/10