Feedback about my game

I need feedback about my new game.

It’s a building game, you can select the blocks, build, destroy, and…only this for now

Now to select your iten you need to click “L” button, and click “L” again to Build/Destroy

BuildBlocks - Roblox

Hope you like the game, and don’t forget your feedback (good or bad, i want feedback, please)


I liked your game but you may improve it.

For instance, you can lock the camera for the first person because when you hold the right-click, your camera gets rotated but on the other hand, the parts get also spawned.

Also, you can disable parts spawning out of or under the map.

Aside from those, it is great. I liked it. Keep your work up!


Thanks to the feedback, i already solve this problems, but for some reason the studio didn’t published my game, and i published again, if u want to test the new system to build, you can go again.

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It’s very nice! I like the sound of placing the blocks down.

Something I recommend is to add a feature that prevents others from breaking your things.

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Thanks to the feedback, when the ProBaturay start creating the house, i thinked the same think, a protection system, and i’ll see what i can make.

This game is really good, and I really enjoyed it. The only thing I would say to add is a tutorial because it’s somewhat tricky to get the hang of the game without any help. But besides that great work, and continue working on your game!


Thanks for your feedback, i’ll make a Menu with a Help option in the nexts updates.

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This is a great start to a game. I feel like it would be more enjoyable and easier to build if you had the toolbar set to keybinds (1,2,3,4, etc) like Minecraft has to make it quicker switching between block types.

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Thanks for your feedback,
I already think about this, but i can’t make(i don’t know how to make) a iventory system, so will have more than 10 itens (number 1 to 0 in pc) and the pc only has only 10 numbers.