Feedback about my train

Hello! I hope you are having an amazing week!

I created a train for my project codenamed: Were All Animals. I don’t plan on that being the final name though.

I want as much feedback, or even suggestions.


What the player will see:

The back of the train:

The front of the train:

The outside:

What I was inspired by



203 parts
1.2 Hours

  • Yes, I will add Decorations. I just don’t know what to do. You can reply if you have a suggestion. What im thinking about is the players local time.

If you can find the slightest detail flaw, please report it. Thank you, WE
This train was entirely built myself.


I would change the lighting and maybe put papers or trash on the ground.


I just don’t get why there would be papers or trash. It is only an NPC and the player in a first person camera. But yes, the lighting will change.

I think you should add wheels to your train, add vents on the top of the train, add some NPCs ,Add a front where the engineer and operator work. Add some colors because it looks boring and add a back door with a metal deck

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add textures it look too bland

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It looks really good! The only thing I don’t really like about it is that it is a little blocky.


I think if you make the seats a little bit more detailed then it would look better.

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Maybe you could add more exterior design, as well as interior. It looks very simple, but if that is your aim, then you don’t need to. It also looks very blocky.

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I really like the exterior of the train it looks really nice. The only problem with it I see are that the seats are too simple. I think you should give the passengers some armrests and put some space between the seats so they arent sitting on top of each other. image

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I appreciate all of the feedback! Here is the final train!

  • The NPC in the corner is for the gameplay. He will walk up to you and ask some questions.
  • The train looks like its moving in playing mode through a tunnel.
  • The time in the back is the local players time

You’re doing good so far. Might I suggest adding textures to the interior of the train and adjusting the lighting as well to add detail. Blender is also something you should look into, it can help a lot to make your creations look more detailed and realistic.

maybe curve or bevel the outside edges

Maybe try to fill empty space inside by seats? Also you can try to detalize seats a bit and add lightings inside. Anyway goodluck working on your game! :wink: