Feedback about this lobby I've made

I’ve made a quick build and built this simple looking lobby within 2 hours. Any feedback is accepted😊

Edit: I’ve got some issues when trying to upload screenshots of the builds btw, so my apologies

Game link: Quick Lobby Build - Roblox

It’s a good start…

In order (in my opinion) to make a decent game you need to have a basic color scheme of what type of theme you want your build to have. It could be black and white themed, sky themed (light blue, yellow, and white), anything really. But when you have colors selected you could use that as a support beam for your build. Meaning, from there start thinking about what type of decorations you want, what type of lighting do you want (night, day, morning, evening) and then make a rough draft which you could consider this build as.

Anyway, this is an awesome start. I would just say to make the build ‘flow’ more if you know what I mean by that.

It’s alright, but it’s very basic. The fences, the creator sign and the small mountains are fine, but they severely lack any detail to the point where they look similar to builds from 2012.

Also, these buildings feel a bit out of place:

Not only are they very small, but you’ve got buildings behind this first layer. The idea of doing that is to enrich a background which is usually far away, giving a world more depth and realism. The fact that you can easily zoom out to see, or walk towards the buildings behind, just makes them look a bit silly.

I’d recommend adding boundaries to the map, such as with mountains, cliffs or water, and I’d suggest putting those buildings behind the mountains or cliffs. I’d also recommend adding more detail to parts such as the fence or the signs.

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