Feedback about this lowpoly Terrain

I spent a couple of hours building a neat low poly terrain including a neat cabin to go with the view of the terrain,rocks and some fences. Any thoughts or suggestions?


It looks pleasant, but a bit boring. I’d recommend visiting Meep City for some inspiration. Perhaps add more buildings, props, etc.

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The fence is in the most awkward position, it surrounds not even a full-closed area, and it shows no purpose. I suggest closing the fence around that hill and adding something there, some nice props would fit nice. Maybe a group of logs? It’s up to you!

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Hey CarloBloxDev, great build so far!

A couple things that I think you should improve on. The windows on the house look a bit disproportionate, and it looks pretty close to the ground. I suggest changing the sizes a little bit and putting the windows up higher, to give the house a better feel. The other thing I would change is the placement of the logs on the ground. I get the logic of it not being able to perfectly touch the ground, but it is currently cutting through the grass, and from a physical standpoint it doesn’t really make much sense. I reccomend moving them over to a flatter surface, or even raising it so that there was a gap under it and the object is only touching the surface where it connects.

Windows Picture


Log Picture


Good luck on your build, and I hope it turns out the way you want it!

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Your “Low poly terrain” looks amazing, and decent like all the different details you added to the terrain i think you. Really improved on it however there! is a couple of things i’ll fix/add to your terrain area! to make it, look more better and to stand out a little, more although it still looks good.

The cabin looks really good, however the windows, are a little to close to the ground, part i would recommend you move them up a little and. Add some more windows at the top! of the cabin to look more better. As well i would add a chimney and some wood/log texture on the roof, part as most cabins have logs as there, roof although yours still looks. Good i’ll probably add different kinds of cabins! with log roofs and. Other different styles to them the door looks like the same color as the windows i’ll change the door. Color to a darker brown color a door knob to it just to give it some details to it!!

Logs Details
I see you placed different logs in different places. Overall i’ll add some logs on the side of the cabin,and some stumps in some places to look! like you cut some trees down to get some wood. And then you can add things you made with it such as wooden chairs, tables, shovel, stands, ect. Although you could add one of this items, inside your map just to add different, details around the map area and to look more like a cabin…

I think the terrain looks really good, i don’t have nothing to say about it. Like how you made the smooth terrain very well done. I’ll probably smooth done some of the terrain! next to the door part as it seems to be a little, to high to the door area. “Correct me if i’m wrong” overall it’s looks good.

Here is a couple of details. You can add to your cabin just to give it some decoration to it, although like i said you could add one of, this different details to your cabin. Overall i think you have done a great job on your “Low Poly Terrain” and the cabin looks! very detailed, like how you added that to your map!

  • Wooden axe on the stump part
  • Log cabin fire
  • Wooden ladder
  • Wooden boxes
  • Wooden barrel

Overall you have done a incredible, job on your “Low poly terrain” and the different details you added to it. Great job man hope to see more of your work very soon and the final details you add to your map!!


The Terrain looks pretty good, but there are some bumps where they shouldn’t belong, like the bump in front of the house door. Other than that, good work with it! :smiley:

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The sky is a bit too realistic for Low Poly Terrain. The trees could use more details, I suggest using blender to make low poly trees. Here are some tutorials

Besides those everything else looks good :+1:
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